2020-06-19 Session 25 - Arrival at Ascanor Lodge

Points: 3; 4 to Lydia and Anna for funeral speeches.
Kon’s HP: 8/12

4 Starday (

Norwich and Kon bring all of the treasure back to the party. Kon is a cunt about the party being split despite choosing not to wake anyone.
The Silver Bracelet is identified: Silver Bracelet of Slow Fall ($33,345, M144)

5 Sunday - Kuthona

William animates the maggot-monster. Saoirse is destroyed. Lydia delivers a heartfelt goodbye/funeral.
Kon is at 7 HP after being struck by lightning twice. The value of the large stone chest as been very diminished as it’s now destroyed completely (-12 HP). The carriage is at 9 HP.


Windy lightning storm, 3 hexes in 6 hours.

At the Ascanor Lodge the PCs camouflage (mos 3) 30 yards away to the Southeast. Standing Orders: stand and wait for signal from William, which is fire (greater than used for cooking) from the direction of the lodge.

William attempts to set fire to a building and is noticed by Belik and the guards. Belik says he’ll be watched.


After a confrontation with Belik, the party winds up on a hunt for werewolves in the woods with Delgros and Duristan. They find tracks of dire wolves with long claws and great boars. They find a cliffhanger: three dire boars feasting on the dead stag they’d dragged away.

Dead Maggot Monster

ST 29 DX 14 IQ 11 HT 14; thr 3d sw 5d+2 Lift 168 HP 35 Will 12 Per 12 FP -; SM+3 Speed 8 Move 7; Dodge 11, DR 6.
Traits: Clinging, Combat Reflexes, DR 6, Extra Attack, Fangs, Fit, Injury Tolerance (No Blood; No Vitals; Unliving), Night Vision 9, No Legs (Slithers), Sharp Claws, Tunneling 2, Vibration Sense (air).
Abilities: Paralytics Nails {Affliction 3 (HT-2; Follow-up, claws; Parlysis; Reduced Duration, 1/60)}, Weaver’s Song {Affliction 2 (Will-1; Daze; Hearing-Based; Reduced Duration, 1/30) While under this effect, the target moves towards the Weaverworm at a leisurely pace (Move 1) so long as the music continues}, Web {Binding 12 (Area Effect, 2 yards, +50%; Biological, -10%; Extended Duration 30×; Persistent, +40%; Reduced Range, x1/10, -30%; Only damaged by burning, corrosion, or cutting)}.
Skills: Brawling-17, Innate Attack (projectile)-18, Wrestling-15.
Bite (17) 3d-1 imp, Reach C-2.
Claws (17) 3d-1 cut plus paralytic nails, Reach C-2.
Web (17) Range 10.