2020-07-10 Session 27 - Chard in the Room

Points: 3
Kon asks Estovion to use the private library.


Emeric attempts to curse Norwich.

Girls’ Night with Duristan.

Kon and Ljudmila get the scarwards to protect against lycanthropy, despite Anna mentioning that Masha Dvorkin is “not professional.”

Masha Dvorkin
Masha Dvorkin

Cilas Graydon enters the scene and asks if the party has seen Echtmoor Dravin.

Can I buy a K?

Emeric informs Cilas Graydon of Echtmoor’s untimely demise at the hands of the magic maggot monster.

The Party goes to sleep and so ends the day, except for Emeric whose insomnia’s triggered. Next session begins the morning of 6 Kuthona.

Secret Referee’s Note