2020-07-24 Anna the Spider Pimp

Points: 4

While Lydia performs her music, Corvin heckles her and also insults Anna’s dancing. Estovion joins the group afterward. Cilas walks up to him and punches him in the face, knocking him out. How embarrassing for binging Corvin! The group retires to the sitting room so that Lydia can tell a story. Shortly into the story, Anna hears a scream and begins to investigate. While still upstairs, William hears the cry and Norwich and he go to investigate. Anna finds a massive tarantula that she’d seen in the zoo-cave before attacking Vasoray Webbe. Anna casts Beast-Soother on the tarantula and uses Beast Speech to discerns that it wants food and a mate. She feeds it and conjures and illusion of a female tarantula and has the real tarantula chase it out of the lodge.

Estovion explains that the tarantula’s escape was due to perverse Paucy Troabs who’d sought to kill the others so he could have Markiza for himself.

William approaches Estovion and informs him that he’s aware of the connections he has with the Whispering Way. Estovion seems to feign ignorance and becomes visibly angry and walks away. Bradley Pug Rider follows him and watches him command the guards to post a watch in the Reference Library and in the Maintenance Shed (to keep Paucy under house arrest).

Estovion burns the evidence about his pro-aristocracy work while Bradley Pug Rider (Anna’s Homunculus) attempts to get Estovion to see reason again and realize that he and the party would be natural allies. Estovion reveals that he’s unhinged and paranoid and declares the Party to be traitors to Ustalav.

Session ends on the start of combat(???) between the two guards that Estovion placed at the Reference Library below Estovion’s office.

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