Asmodean Spell List


Refer to the Inner Sea Primer or the Inner Sea Gods.

Cult Organization

Most adherents of Asmodeus have Selfish.

Priests: Priests have Religious Rank (Asmodean) (and Clerical Investment in lands where Asmodeus is openly worshiped). Acolytes have Rank 0 and have 1 point in each of Religious Ritual (Asmodeus) and Theology (Asmodeus). Lay Priests have Religious Rank 1 and have Religious Ritual (Asmodeus)-11 and Theology (Asmodeus)-11. Ordinary Priests have Religious Rank 1 and Religious Ritual (Asmodeus)-12 and Theology (Asmodeus)-12. Ordinators have Religious Rank 2 and Religious Ritual (Asmodeus)-13 and Theology (Asmodeus)-13. Inquisitors have Religious Rank 2 and Religious Ritual (Asmodeus)-14, Theology (Asmodeus)-14, and, in areas where Asmodeus is openly worshiped, have Social Regard (Feared). High Priests have Religious Rank 3 and Religious Ritual (Asmodeus)-14 and Theology (Asmodeus)-14.

Paladins: Paladins have Blessed, Fanaticism (Asmodeus), Religious Rank 1, Religious Ritual (Asmodeus)-12, and Theology (Asmodeus)-12.


Spells and ranks are cumulative (e.g. a Lay Priest has a Lay Priest’s selection of spells and also an Acolytes).

Acolytes: Complex Illusion, Create Fire, Extinguish Fire, Fast Fire, Heat, Ignite Fire, Phantom Flame, Shape Fire.

Lay Priests: Analyze Magic, Animate Shadow, Armor, Aura, Bane, Body of Flames, Boil Water, Breathe Fire, Compel Lie, Dark Vision, Darkness, Detect Magic, Essential Flame, Gloom, Heat, Identify Spell, Ignite Fire, Illusion Disguise, Phantom Flame, Skull Spirit, Steal Vitality, Weaken Blood, Weaken Will.

Ordinary Priests: Banish (P1), Bind Spirit (P1), Choke (P1), Command Spirit (P1), Entrap Spirit (P1), Flaming Weapon (P1), Repel Spirits (P1), Soul Jar (P1), Summon Demon (P1), Turn Spirits (P1).

Ordinators & Inquisitors: Affect Spirits (P2), Burning Death (P2), Command (P2), Compel Truth (P2), Create Door (P2), Explosive Fireball (P2), Scry Gate (P2), Seek Gate (P2), Summon Spirit (P2).

High Priests: Control Gate (P3) and Create Gate (P3).


Temples and places of worship are high sanctity. Realistically, places outside of open Asmodean are low sanctity, but we’ll say that the fables and horror stories of Cheliax have spread far and wide, spreading Asmodeus’ influence. Most everywhere, therefore, is normal sanctity. Places of rival or associate gods are normal sanctity. Temples to enemy gods are low sanctity.

Enemy Gods: Cayden Cailean, Iomedae, Irori, Lammashtu, Rovagug