Bug's Life


Title: Bug Wife, Bug Life
Starting Year: Today
Rate Time Passes: Granular
Genre & Style: Bug’s Life fun.

Campaign Background

Base Area: North American Backyards
Society Type:
Control Rating:
Tech Level 0
Brief Background Description:
Inspiration: Bug’s Life,

Information for PCs

Starting Points: 100
Disadvantage Limit: -50
Suggested character concepts: Bug Adventurers
Appropriate Professions: Adventurer, Explorer, Guard, Hunter.
PC Races:

Secondary CharacteristicsHP± 30% of your ST+1
FP± 30% of your HT
Basic SpeedCan’t alter more/less than 2.00
Basic Move± 15 points



Starting Wealth
Starting Wealth Levels Allowed Starting Status
Starting TLs Allowed Languages Available: Cultural Familiarities Available: Appropriate or inappropriate Traits and Skills: Appropriate Patrons: Appropriate Enemies:

Special Abilities for PCs

Exotic/Supernatural Traits:
Cinematic Skills: None
Are PC Mages Allowed? Yes. Varying Mana Level, unpredictable. Most spell-casters only know a few spells.
Unusual Background

Other Notes

Which rules are we using? For this game, the only books that’ll be essential are the Basic Set. We can use Martial Arts, but I am likely only going to use the techniques.

How will character advancement work? You can receive points by roleplaying your character, playing to his or her disadvantages – indeed, this is the primary way of getting points. The party can also gain a reward in points for advancing the plot (which I guess just means getting shit done) and/or completing a story arc (although usually this might wind up being defined advantages, typically social, or very badass gear).
For spending points, you may increase a skill by only one skill level in between each session. Further, you can only improve skills that you used. “You can only spend character points to improve skills or techniques that, in the GM’s opinion, saw significant use in the adventure during which you earned the points” (their emphasis, B292).
For learning new skills, you must, before spending the points, attempt the skill at default in a stressful situation (See “Quick Learning Under Pressure,” B292). Inform me what skills you improve between each session.
Increase attributes as normal. Devour the flesh of the innocent.

Reincarnation: Introducing New PCs Your PC died or got so mangled that he had to retire. Or, maybe, your character became fairly well off and so left the party to retire in comfort. In any case, we’re not playing Dark Dungeons and you need to make a new character.
The point value for the new characters will be the sum of starting points and earned points. The point total of spent character points represents the power level of a character. Placing the new character at the average places them in balance with the rest of the party – depending on where the campaign is, it provides them with an advantage, since it’s easier to build rather than grow. But we’re not doing that.

Player Questionnaire

Tell me a few things about your character. Answering questions in this questionnaire grants your character one character point for every question (read: bullet point of questions) answered. These points are for each character you have. If you begin another character you’d need to answer these questions again to gain the points. You have to give this to me in writing. What can I say? I have the memory of a box of burnt pictures and I want to be able to refer to your background while the campaign runs. When you send me the questionnaire, please include the questions that you’re answering (for clarity’s sake).