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Go to the Campaign Planning Form for all the important information. See the PC Races for the various races that you can choose. I have lists of Suitable Advantages and Suitable Disadvantages as well as notes on some of those traits. Somewhere around here there is also a place for the shit I make up. Here are the files for GCS.


List your characters here and link to them [[like so]] to create a page specially for them. On those pages you can offer a description of your character, provide a background for them, and even use as your character sheet.

Character Race PointsPlayer
[[Anna_Ivanov?|Anna Ivanov, Hobo Wizard]]Human 226John
[[The_Man_from_Galt?|Emeric, the Man from Galt]]Half-Elf 226Robinson
[[Кон?|Конденсaтор Космический Гном the Numerian]]Dwarf Austin

Session Reports

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The World




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