Sacrifice Rules

Sacrifice works according to Thaumatology. Not only living sacrifices grant energy or ‘sway with the gods’. You can specifically ask the GM for an energy total when you perform a sacrifice after the sacrifice has been performed, and only for sacrifices which grant mana. You can perform sacrifices to empower spellwork or to ask for aid from the gods for a vague boon (such as “grant us victory against the Christians” or “let the winter be mild” or “fatten my pigs and let my harvest be bountiful”). These vague supplications will amount to various bonuses on relevant rolls or alterations in story or outcome.

The energy value of living sacrifices is based on intelligence and mass or health: for creatures of IQ 5 or less, it is equal to IQ multiplied by the lower of HT or HP; for creatures IQ 6+, it is equal to IQ multiplied by the higher of HT or HP. Certain aspects, such as beauty or purity (as interpreted by the entity to whom the sacrifice is sworn), provide a modifier to the total energy value. A willing sapient is worth twice it’s typical energy value.

Sacrificial energy may be stored in Manastones (M70). Any quirks will generally relate to death, troubling emotions, and may cause inconveniences towards those who practice sacrificial magic (if any sacrificial victims were unwilling). These manastones are chalky in texture, have an otherworldly color, and, if examined, a foreboding and unnerving presence.

Finally, those sacrifices sworn to a deity as part of worship or broad supplication rather than magic do not grant energy; the energy is absorbed by the deity. Two examples: Sanktulo The Devout sacrifices Timmy (ST 9 IQ 10 HT 11, Willing +100%, young +50% for, unbeknownst to the player, 265 EP directly to the god) in honor of Grokolok, asking for survival through the winter or a victory against a rival tribe, or on a selected day to stay a hungry god’s wrath. Sorĉadanto the Arcanely Profane sacrifices Timothy (ST 10 DX 10 IQ 10 HT 11, HP 10 FP 11) to Kalgazgro or one of his agents for 110 Energy Points; he either transfers this energy in a manastone for later use (if he knows the spell) or uses it immediately to cast a powerful spell.