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2020-08-07 Estovion Performs the Wiley Coyote

Points: 3


Combat with Estovion (and briefly his guards). Estovion is knocked out and falls from a third story. Estovion’s ring is a silver ring of Bladeturning and his pretty polished rock stone thing is some kind of necromantic device to bind a creature to this plane.

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2020-07-24 Anna the Spider Pimp

Points: 4

While Lydia performs her music, Corvin heckles her and also insults Anna’s dancing. Estovion joins the group afterward. Cilas walks up to him and punches him in the face, knocking him out. How embarrassing for binging Corvin! The group retires to the sitting room so that Lydia can tell a story. Shortly into the story, Anna hears a scream and begins to investigate. While still upstairs, William hears the cry and Norwich and he go to investigate. Anna finds a massive tarantula that she’d seen in the zoo-cave before attacking Vasoray Webbe. Anna casts Beast-Soother on the tarantula and uses Beast Speech to discerns that it wants food and a mate. She feeds it and conjures and illusion of a female tarantula and has the real tarantula chase it out of the lodge.

Estovion explains that the tarantula’s escape was due to perverse Paucy Troabs who’d sought to kill the others so he could have Markiza for himself.

William approaches Estovion and informs him that he’s aware of the connections he has with the Whispering Way. Estovion seems to feign ignorance and becomes visibly angry and walks away. Bradley Pug Rider follows him and watches him command the guards to post a watch in the Reference Library and in the Maintenance Shed (to keep Paucy under house arrest).

Estovion burns the evidence about his pro-aristocracy work while Bradley Pug Rider (Anna’s Homunculus) attempts to get Estovion to see reason again and realize that he and the party would be natural allies. Estovion reveals that he’s unhinged and paranoid and declares the Party to be traitors to Ustalav.

Session ends on the start of combat(???) between the two guards that Estovion placed at the Reference Library below Estovion’s office.

Secret GM Info

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2020-07-17 Session 28 HOW MANY PAGES

See ‘Halo of Dreams’ on page 322. Filed under Religion upstairs.
– Note found in a travelogue

6 Moonday -

Kon & Paucy work on the carriage. Norwich goes to watch him.


Lydia Estovion
Kon fixes the coach up to 53/53HP.
Wild book shennanigans. Kon reads Estovion's Journal and among the recent entries are plots regarding bringing down the Palatinates and helping the aristocracy regain power.

Emeric’s List

  • Corvin Tergsvor

Secret Note

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2020-07-10 Session 27 - Chard in the Room

Points: 3
Kon asks Estovion to use the private library.


Emeric attempts to curse Norwich.

Girls’ Night with Duristan.

Kon and Ljudmila get the scarwards to protect against lycanthropy, despite Anna mentioning that Masha Dvorkin is “not professional.”

Masha Dvorkin
Masha Dvorkin

Cilas Graydon enters the scene and asks if the party has seen Echtmoor Dravin.

Can I buy a K?

Emeric informs Cilas Graydon of Echtmoor’s untimely demise at the hands of the magic maggot monster.

The Party goes to sleep and so ends the day, except for Emeric whose insomnia’s triggered. Next session begins the morning of 6 Kuthona.

Secret Referee’s Note

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2020-07-03 Session 26 - Drunken Werewolf Relations

Points: 3

16:30 5 Sunday - Kuthona

The party kill the dire boars. Delgros accidentally shoots


Stories told to Duristan

  • Kon fought a ghost on his own.
  • wriaths and child-wraithspawn
  • “The Thing on the Walls”


Norwich has a Mood of Spood.
Werewolves show up, mention that whoever sent the party can informed to fuck off. They also mention the name Mathus Mordrinacht.


Arrival back to Ascanor Lodge.

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2020-06-19 Session 25 - Arrival at Ascanor Lodge

Points: 3; 4 to Lydia and Anna for funeral speeches.
Kon’s HP: 8/12

4 Starday (

Norwich and Kon bring all of the treasure back to the party. Kon is a cunt about the party being split despite choosing not to wake anyone.
The Silver Bracelet is identified: Silver Bracelet of Slow Fall ($33,345, M144)

5 Sunday - Kuthona

William animates the maggot-monster. Saoirse is destroyed. Lydia delivers a heartfelt goodbye/funeral.
Kon is at 7 HP after being struck by lightning twice. The value of the large stone chest as been very diminished as it’s now destroyed completely (-12 HP). The carriage is at 9 HP.


Windy lightning storm, 3 hexes in 6 hours.

At the Ascanor Lodge the PCs camouflage (mos 3) 30 yards away to the Southeast. Standing Orders: stand and wait for signal from William, which is fire (greater than used for cooking) from the direction of the lodge.

William attempts to set fire to a building and is noticed by Belik and the guards. Belik says he’ll be watched.


After a confrontation with Belik, the party winds up on a hunt for werewolves in the woods with Delgros and Duristan. They find tracks of dire wolves with long claws and great boars. They find a cliffhanger: three dire boars feasting on the dead stag they’d dragged away.

Dead Maggot Monster

ST 29 DX 14 IQ 11 HT 14; thr 3d sw 5d+2 Lift 168 HP 35 Will 12 Per 12 FP -; SM+3 Speed 8 Move 7; Dodge 11, DR 6.
Traits: Clinging, Combat Reflexes, DR 6, Extra Attack, Fangs, Fit, Injury Tolerance (No Blood; No Vitals; Unliving), Night Vision 9, No Legs (Slithers), Sharp Claws, Tunneling 2, Vibration Sense (air).
Abilities: Paralytics Nails {Affliction 3 (HT-2; Follow-up, claws; Parlysis; Reduced Duration, 1/60)}, Weaver’s Song {Affliction 2 (Will-1; Daze; Hearing-Based; Reduced Duration, 1/30) While under this effect, the target moves towards the Weaverworm at a leisurely pace (Move 1) so long as the music continues}, Web {Binding 12 (Area Effect, 2 yards, +50%; Biological, -10%; Extended Duration 30×; Persistent, +40%; Reduced Range, x1/10, -30%; Only damaged by burning, corrosion, or cutting)}.
Skills: Brawling-17, Innate Attack (projectile)-18, Wrestling-15.
Bite (17) 3d-1 imp, Reach C-2.
Claws (17) 3d-1 cut plus paralytic nails, Reach C-2.
Web (17) Range 10.

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2020-06-12 Session 24 - What's that thing in the tower?

3 Fireday Kuthona (

Anna casts Bless on all members of the party, including Lyudmila.

In an argument about replacing Saoirse, William suggests committing murder. The consensus of

The Seasage Effigy belongs in a museum.

32 miles of plains in 7 hours.



4 Starday (

Travel 3 hexes.


Big worm monster. Echtmoor Dravin’s corpse in cacoon with his invitation/reservation to Ascanor Lodge. Emeric’s Blessing deters a strike to his head (and therefore he doesn’t have it anymore).

Treasure: Battle Elixir (M214, $350), Silver Bracelet ($345) and assorted treasure: Basket decorated with brass bells ($7, 1.5, -1 Stealth if carried openly), Large Stone Box with ebony inlay ($7000, 220lbs, DR 4, 24 HP), Enameled Censer ($180, 2 lbs), billon Chain ($22.75, .05lbs), silver chain ($45, .05lbs), Cloak with cheap fur trim ($160, 5 lbs), Cloak with golden bells ($550, 5lbs), Manticore Bone Folding Chair ($1500, 8 lbs), 2 oz. Faerie Glimmerseed ($540), 7 oz. of indigo ($224), Keffiyeh with expensive beading ($64, 0.05lbs), 7 oz. myrrh ($105), bundle of Halfling leather ($500, 25 bs), mattress branded with a design of a wolf ($1275, 30lbs), mortar and pestle inlaid with semiprecious stones ($14, 6lbs), 2 oz. Red Salt ($76), silk sash with colorful woven tassels ($108, 0.2 lbs), light skirt decorated with feathers ($22.50, 0.3lbs), jeweled spindle studded with metallic beads ($7, 0.5lbs; 2 gems, 0.75 carat Sard, $89.06, and 1.75 carat chalcedony, $100.63), Spinning Wheel ($100, 40 lbs), 17 square foot tapestry of giant cave spider silk depicting calligraphy ($13600, 12.75lbs), top extensively inlaid with semi-precious stones ($45, 0.1lbs), Painted Waterpipe ($105, 4 lbs), large wig ($500, 6lbs), 3 gallons of grape wine ($27), 4 gallons of rice wine ($32). Gems: 2.25 carat coral, 2 carat emerald, 1.75 carat onyx, 1.25 carat emerald.

Norwich is wearing the silver bracelet.

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2020-05-29 The Downtime Episode

Points: 3

10 gold dragons and 1 sphinx to the party from Count Caromarc.

Kon escapes the castle with the pure adamantine trapdoor.


Lodging: $4800 for a classy inn, $2400 for a regular inn.

368 hours in a month of downtime. John spends $20K to get intensive training (736 hours; 3 pts), getting powerstone, bane (prereq), finally enchant (prereq) and 136 hours on Golem. William spends $8K on intensive training (3 points). Emeric gets 1 pt for Dual Weapon from training.

Those three rubies are evaluated to be worth $175.

Actually extra week of downtime.

Lyudmila Bukharin falls in love with Lydia. Lyudmila is short and willowy, with copper hair and blue eyes. She joins the party as Lydia’s love-interest/groupie.

Lyudmila Bukharin
Lyudmila Bukharin


Miguel’s powerstone has a loud hum when used (+3 Hearing to notice).

John’s Powerstone: “Each use of the gadget attracts aswarm of vermin of the GM’s choice. The swarm disperses 10 minutes after the device is shut off.”

Weird Science

Kon invents Blasting Caps.

Halfing Debauchery

Norwich Buttersby burglarizes a gambler, [[Brayba_Khubitschek?]], he’d lost a golden dragon to. Loot: Dragon, sphinx, a spell primer (codex) of etched glass ($725, 12 lbs), bag with two gems ($98.4375 1.25 carat Quartz and a 2.25 carat Diamond) and coins, and a bronze piercing.

Downtime ends Fireday 3 Kuthona.

Silver Sling Bullets: Cost is 20 times Lead Bullets ($2), has damage as shaped sling stone, and doubled range of the lead bullet.

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2020-05-22 Session 22 MY SISTER IS A ZOMBIE

Fight with the girallon flesh golem. Emeric is knocked out then healed to 3HP.

My Sister is a Zombie

Discussion Two hours to rest in L1. Anna analyzes the wand as a Wand of Charm. William identifies the vials that Saoirse had gotten as an elixir of flight, an elixir of invisibility, and two basilisk blood vials. The two elixirs go to Anna. Emeric is healed to 8 HP. Emeric curses himself.

01:00 28 Lamashan

Fight the Aberrant Promethean and kill it. Kon get his leg broken (5 months) in the process.

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2020-05-15 Session 21

Points: 10
19:00 Fight the draugr.

Robinson rests for 70 minutes → 20:10

Lydia takes 1 HP burning damage from Anna’s explosive fireball.

Kill vargouilles.

Witness the fungi and immediately close the door.

Kon meditates poorly on his clearing of the stairwell for an hour.

Kon spends 80 minutes setting charges to the rubble in the stairwell and explodes the rubble so as to clear it faster. In another few hours they clear out the rubble.

The party realizes that they have to climb up the walls, and set up a knotted rope and spike to get to the second floor of the tower. There they find Treasure in an alcove: two strange vials (K9a).

Stop trying to make me drink poison!
– Austin

Robinson notices a black ooze on the ceiling of another room and closes the door.

Saoirse climbs across the room and begins to hallucinate because of a terrible fungus. She finds treasure: a potion and a wand (K9b).

On her climb back, Saoirse falls and breaks her leg (an injury which would take four months to heal). The fungi begin to move toward her, and Anna and Lydia spring into action. Lydia begins climbing down the rope they’d set up and Anna hurls spells at the fungi. An explosie fireball knocks out the two violet fungi and severely injures Saoirse and the Basidirond. Saoirse falls unconscious and begins drowning as she falls beneath the water. Anna drops a fucking bear on Saoirse and the basidirond (leaving Saoirse at -14 HP (she has 15 HP)). The basidirond attempts to make the bear hallucinate and succeeds. Unfortunately for the fungus, the basidirond promptly falls into a vegetative state. Anna conjures a chimpanzee to pull Saoirse out of the water. Lydia arrives several seconds afterward and attempts to resuscitate Saoirse. Unfortunately, the attempts last for four unsuccessful minutes and Saoirse dies of asphyxiation/drowning.

Meanwhile, Emeric and maybe Kon prepare themselves for a duel against a fucking girallon flesh golem.good luck on that…

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