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2020-03-20 Session 15

Points: 5

CharacterSleep Deprivation
Anna Ivanov2
Norwich Buttersby2

23 Lamashan, Starday, 02:30

The wraith-spawn of Karin appears behind the party, frightening them. They tempt them to come to a bear trap, but Anna wisely summons a bear, who trips it instead.

Just wait until I piss on your grave
– Anna Ivanov

In Karin’s house, Saoirse gets a pair of knitting needles ($5, neg weight) and a 12” skillet ($50, 8 lbs). Anna finds wood sculpture (1.5 cubic feet, $262.5, 48 lbs). They notice that Karin’s room has not been broken into through the window and that the exterior wall is difficult to climb.

The party splits into two groups to “save time:” Anna, Kon and Lydia in one group and Emeric, Norwich, and Saoirse in the other.


Anna, Kon, and Lydia go to the Chapel and place the wooden statue of [url=]Desna[/url] that they’d found in Karin’s house. This brings the hymn-singing Rachel and Karin into the chapel. They gasp, quickly approach the idol, and vanish, presumably passing on.


A rotting scarecrow leans on a scythe at the top of this low hill. Its pumpkin face is carved with a leer and a sheep’s jaw hangs flaccidly below.

Norwich notices that there is a hole near the scarecrow which leads to a cave. Emeric casts Sunlight on the hole, revealing that there are four skeletons at the bottom of the hole of either halflings (or gnomes) or children. They tie a rope and descend into the hole.

Simultaneous Fight

The groups fight a wraithling and Brother Swarm simultaneously in separate locations. Two Haunt Siphons are expended (used by Anna and Norwich).


Emeric exumes all of the graves and finds that all of the children except for Karin have broken legs. They bring the bodies of Ellsa and Karin with them to Lepidstadt with the hope of having the Holy Sister perform Summon Spirit.


The party arrives back at Lepidstadt. They speak with the Beast and he tells them his side of the story. Lydia gives him back his book of poetry and also writes him a poem for giving them the information.
Kon spends two hours (until 09:00) to research what he fought and he discovers that they fought a wraith and his spawn. He’d also learn that the community of Hergstag was highly religious (devoted to Desna).

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2020-03-13 Session 14

Points: 5

CharacterSleep Deprivation
Anna Ivanov2
Norwich Buttersby2

22 Lamashan, Fireday


Saoirse loots 16 pennies, 18 farthings, and 4 Queen Anne’s Pistols off of the bodies of the Galtmen.


Anna uses on of her Healing Elixir’s on Grine (+6 HP to -3HP). The party speaks with Barrister Gustav Kaple about their plan for court that day. It’s decided that Lydia would speak as a witness to what they found in the Boneyard in Morast.
Saoirse leaves to a bush outside the courthouse to sleep. A guard wakes her and warns her of vagrancy laws. She decides to go back to the inn to sleep.


The trial begins. Everyone except Kon and Saoirse have Sleep Deprivation increase to 4.


Lydia provides her testimony somewhat convincingly.


The trial takes a recess and the party except Kon and Saoirse have Sleep Deprivation 5. They head to the inn to sleep, except Anna and Lydia go to the three sisters from Hergstag to ask them questions. They learn that the child Karin had died 2 days after the Beast had been driven off and that she had died with no marks on her and without any signs of entry.
The party sleeps for ten hours, reducing the sleep deprivation from 5 to 2. Emeric has a brief struggle with Insomnia but manages to pull through.

23 Lamashan, Starday, 0:00

The party buys a wagon and then heads to Hergstag.


The party arrives in Hergstag. They head to Karin’s house and fail to break through the windows. Kon pulls a crowbar out of his bag (gizmo) and begins working the nails that have been driven into the door. Emeric notices that the windows on the second floor appear to be untouched and undamaged and that the walls on the exterior seem difficult to climb.
Behind them, they hear the cries of a little girl. Turning around, they see a girl wreathed in black flames. A combat is soon to begin… Probably.

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PCs: Anna, Emeric (AKA the Man from Galt), Kon, Lydia, Norwich, and Saorise.

Vorkstag & Grine’s Chymic Works

The party makes battle with Vorkstag & Grine (AKA Elon & Grimes). Vorkstag is knocked unconscious soon after he inflicts a temporarily crippling injury to the Man from Galt (-7 HP). Grine surrenders. Anna treats the Man from Galt’s shock (+1 HP) and then casts Major Healing on him (+6 HP), restoring his leg. Anna notices that Vorkstag has a scar on his shoulder which looks to be from the bite of a blood caiman. While Anna heals the Man from Galt, Saoirse, Kon, and Norwich explore the factory.

Saoirse explores E7, unlocks the E8 room and finds the Cabinet full of skins, including the skin of an 8-foot tall mongrelman which has insert description.

In the basement, Kon and Norwich explore the basement and find a locked storage room (Norwich picks the lock). They find some corpses in the coffins and Kon staked them all “just in case.” Past the storage room, they found a cold watery corpse room. Spooked, the two hastily retreated, re-locking the door to the storage room on their way out.

Upstairs, Saoirse finds a strongbox under Grine’s bunk and a golden key in a jar full of liquid. She fills three of her four empty vials with the jar’s liquid for safe-keeping. She presents what she finds and goes to explore other things after forcing Grine to drink the acid from the jar (-12 HP from imbibing a dose of acid, bringing Grine down to -8 HP). Norwich attempts to pick the lock on the strongbox. He triggers a trap and Ungol Dust is sprayed onto Kon and Norwich. Norwich conspires to keep the 200 electrum marks he finds for himself, though is very Easy to Read. He still manages to keep the majority of the electrum he finds.

Kon is dealt 7 FP damage from the Ungol Dust before he can recover from the poison while Norwich is unfazed.

The party leaves with Grine in manacles, Vorkstag being dragged, and Norwich carrying a strongbox with the mongrelman’s skin stuffed inside.

Ambush by the Men from Galt

Saoirse throws two of the acid vials she’d gotten from the jar at the Galtic ‘bounty-hunters.’ Saoirse murders two of the Galtmen in broad daylight before many witnesses. The party heads to the courthouse with Saoirse behind to loot the bodies of the fallen Galtmen.

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2020-02-14 Session 12

verbage with Grine as gnome.

Grine's gnome disguise
Grine with fake beard and gnome hat

Fight flesh golem hound.
fight mongrelmen.
feel bad about about beating up mongrelmen.
convince other mongrelmen not to fight.
Paused about to fight the Vorkstag & Grine.

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2020-01-31 Session 11

Points: 5

PCHungerThirstSleep Deprivation

22 Lamashan

0:00 Arrival in Morast

The party (sans Kon) arrives in Morast and seeks out whomever may still be awake. They proceed immediately to the bar and find Lazne the village elder

Lazne, Morasti Village Elder
Lazne, Village Elder
, somewhat irresponsibly drinking with his friends before he testifies the following day. He tells them that he was there when they had fought off the Beast. He says that the Beast had killed lone villagers over a long period of time until they had set a trap for him. Lazne was there at the ambush. They had caught the Beast, chasing him with torches. The chase led to the boneyard (now abandoned). At the boneyard, the Beast was brought down by a blood caiman. He was believed to be dead ever since, until the Beast had been captured in Lepidstadt University. Lazne described the Beast as 7 feet tall or larger but could not describe his features, as it was night.

01:00 The Abandoned Boneyard

At the boneyard the party searches through the area and finds a few artifacts before a manticore that’d made a nest there discovers them minutes later and begins assaulting them. The manticore didn’t seem to engage them in melee, preferring to fling spines at them from the air. Anna summoning a chimp above the manticore’s back managed to dissuade it, and the manticore flew away, cutting its losses. The party looked on as it dissappeared into the night, thoroughly disappointed. Lazne slept through the encounter.

Looking through the island with more time to spare, the party found several interesting artifacts.

  • six of the graves on the island appeared to be sagging into the ground, as if empty.
  • a small camp with an old firepit, waterskin (still half full of wine), the aged remnants of some trail rations, and a curious glass vial with something left at the bottom. (Saoirse pours the remnant of the vial into the wineskin).
  • an abandoned coracle hidden in a bush. The coracle had in it an oar, a moldy leather travel bag.
    • The moldy travel bag had in it an artisan’s outfit (usable after a good washing) and a human face.
  • a submerged blood-soaked sack connected by a rope to the coracle contained:
    • rope
    • a gag
    • a rusted lantern
    • three rusted knives
    • a rusted shovel
  • a leather-bound case filled with fine tools, made of silver with amethyst handles, lost in the undergrowth nearby. Thi is a small Surgeon’s Kit. There is a small symbol on the handle depicting a raven.


  • um, hmm. It probably had something to do with the manticore.

Norwich is handed the old wine and drinks it. He, for the briefest of moments, is able to see as if it were day. The party decides to leave for Lepidstadt. The party does not investigate the manticore’s nest.

06:00 Arrival in Lepidstadt

The party reunites in Lepidstadt. Everyone except for Kon has not slept, and have lost 3 FP to sleep deprivation. The party decides to hunt down whomever had owned those surgical tools. Anna is able to know that it was Zbraslav Hora who’d made the tools (the raven is his maker’s mark).

06:30 Zbraslav Hora

The party speaks with Zbraslav Hora in Anatomist’s Alley in the Surgeon’s Flats of Lepidstadt. He tells them that he’d sold the gear to a Vladka Kostel. Anna carouses with people on the street to find out who she works for and where to find her.

06:50 Vladka Kostel and Ollo Klud

The party tracked down Vladka Kostel. She works for Ledov’s Chirurgery Merchants, though her boss is Auction Master Ollo Klud. Vladka gives a brief description of who’d bought the tools but doesn’t remember their name. Vladka Kostel remembers the buyer of the tools as wearing an unusual high hat and green-tinted reading glasses.

The Auction Master, Ollo Klud

Ollo Klud
Ollo Klud
, is a stuffy, pretentious man with a bald head and tufts of hair above his ears. He is not about to release information on his clients to just anyone who comes in off the streets. The party, with help from the human face they’re carrying with them inexplicably, manage to convince Master Klud to reveal the identity of the buyer: a chirurgery supply shop in the Surgeons’ Flats, operated by a shopkeeper called Radniche.

07:10 Talked to Radniche

Radniche is a slimy person. Despite being informed that the party were investigating murder he didn’t desire to part with any information without getting bribed. Norwich intimidates the shopkeep, again making use of the human face, into telling them that the man who purchased those tools was Master Vorkstag of Vorkstag and Grine’s Chymic Works.

The party knows that the trial will start at 10:00, and has 2 and a half hours to use (they probably won’t get any sleep).

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2020-01-24 Session 10

Points: 4

Today saw quite a few recording issues as Craig acted up and I didn’t immediately switch over to Giarc.

Oathday, 21 Lamashan

Party met with the Barrister. He tells them the Beast is charged with three crimes: murdering six children in Hergstag; mass murder and arson in Sanctuary on Karb Isle; and mass murder of 10 people in Morast. The Barrister suggests the party head to Morast, since the Morast evidence would be presented that day. Then they meet with the Beast. Lydia and Emeric interrogate the Beast with varying degrees of sympathy. The Beast mentions the name “Ellsa” and that she was her friend but that she was killed, otherwise he sobs or roars.

With time a concern, everyone buys their own steed or beast of burden so as to make better time.

Kon surmises that the barrister is incompetent and was chosen for his incompetence.

17:00 - Sanctuary on Karb Isle

The party (sans Kon) enters combat with four ghasts. After defeating them with little injury to speak of (1 HP of injury to Saoirse), they search the area. In the surface, they find a charred metal strongbox with a fused lock. Saoirse breaks it open to discover some charred and discolored paper which she holds onto for Kon to read later when she returns. In the cellar there is a candelabra hanging from the ceiling which sports 12-13 severed and burned heads, all but one of which is deformed. In the corner of the cellar is a damp vial with the label “Vorkstag and Grine, Chymickal Bleach.”


Kon stays in Lepidstadt to discover the ultimate truth of the universe. He learns that there are several people who are to testify. Karl, Doctor Brada’s assistant, will testify regarding the arson of Sanctuary. Karl lives outside of town. Three sisters are testifying regarding the mass murder of children in Hergstag – they live in Lepidstadt now since Hergstag had been abandoned. Lazne will testify on the Beast’s ‘supposed’ mass murder of ten people in Morast.

19:00 - Back at Lepidstadt

Saoirse shows the burnt papers to Kon and he reads them over. The only writing that he can discern are the words “Vorkstag and Grine’s Chymic Works,” which appear multiple times in the documents. Withdaylight rapidly disappearing, the party sets out for Morast

0:00 Fireday, 22 Lamashan

The party arrives in Morast. Loses 1 FP to Sleep Deprivation at 22:00 of 21 Lamashan.

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2020-01-17 Session 9

Folks had two weeks of downtime. Players can fill out and post here their time-use.

Travel roughly 110 miles. Travel time is eight days ($48 days of rations if you didn’t use Essential Food, so thank god for spellcasters).

Wealday, 20 Lamashan

The party runs into a little carnival on the way to Lepidstdat. Anna plays terrible pranks on Morga the Morlock. One of their number has gone missing. In return for a magic weapon, the party promises to try and find the missing person. They go in search of the missing person (Aleece, one of the “pinheads”) into the bog. They kill a phase spider, which they deduce was the culprit behind the death of Aleece (whose body they also found). Out of the dead phase spider, they extract five doses of its poison.

Phase Spider Venom
This poison is extracted from a phase spider. A living victim must make an immediate HT-3 roll or suffer 1d-1 toxic damage. Every minute for 4 more cycles he must make another HT-3 roll to resist or take the same amount of damage. After losing 1/3 HP to this poison, the victim gains a -2 penalty to HT until he heals above this threshold.
Form: Follow-Up Poison.
Cost: $150 (singular); $55 (5-batched).
Recipe: $15; 1 day; defaults to Poisons-1.
Statistics: Toxic Attack 1d-1 (Cyclic, 1 minute, 5 cycles, Resistible, +80%; Follow-Up Poison, -20%; Resistible, HT-3, -15%; Symptoms, 1/3 HP, -2 HT, +30%) [5].


Potion of Wisdom (M219), Magnifying Glass with gold handle ($200, neg weight), small wooden box with brass weights (Per-5 to notice the false bottom, holding three $200 silver ingots), traveling case with a pair of superior locks and their keys sealed in wax, and a jar of pickled garlic cloves among the unsettling skeletal body parts left behind.

Once the party returns, Kaleb Hesse hands over a Were-Creature Bane (Accuracy+2 Puissance+2) Long Knife (TL1 sw-1 cut or thr imp Reach C, 1 Parry 0 ST 7 Weight 1.5 LC 4 Ref LT67). It’s worth a lot of money and Kaleb probably didn’t know what he had.

Oathday, 21 Lamashan

Lidia, Saoirse, and Anna cooperate in selling the Tempera painting of Stavian I for more than it’s worth – $30,000. Together with the silver ingots they’d found among the phase spider’s hoard, they all get 51 gold crowns ($5,100).

They party delivers the books and the judge promises to double their payment if they agree to investigate on the Beast’s behalf and become its voluntary defenders (which is apparently a thing you can just do in Ustalav’s fucked up legal code).

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2020-01-10 Session 8

They rid the prison of ghosts. It’s all good. Below is just a big list of all of the shit that you guys found. We can slowly consolidate everything. You should have marked off what you’d taken on your character sheet so this is really just for shits and giggles.


$260 each (2 gold crowns, 1 electrum mark, 2 silver pennies) from the villagers of Ravengro.

  • Bloodstained Axe
  • Collection of Holy Symbols
  • Smith’s Hammer
  • Tarnished Silver Flute

Property Room

Treasure: Bronze Medallion from the Shining Crusade ($215, 0.24 lbs; $200 from historical value); unframed tempera painting of Stavian I (2’x2’, $24K, 3 lbs); silver comb ($115, 0.15 lbs); very fine dagger ($400, 0.25 lbs); a pouch holding 12 star shuriken; silver dagger; wand of Major Healing.


five vials of holy water, 1 elixir of resurrection, five elixirs of health.

Warden’s Office

Treasure: 5 silver pounds, 4 healing elixirs, two health elixirs, and three Elixirs of Regeneration.

False Crypt

Treasure: 12 silver arrows ($40 each), sixfivecounting the one that Austin used against Splatter Man flasks of holy water (clear vials), 10 +1 arrows (Puissance 1 and Accuracy 1, $52 each), 5 ghost weapon arrows, 2 arrows (Puissance 1 and Accuracy 1, Undead Bane both, $27 each), six Healing Elixirs (blue vials), Tranquility Elixir (yellow vial), Universal Antidote Elixir (orange vial),pretty sure Saoirse is still disliked by the Church of Pharasma Scroll of Sense Spirit, Scroll of Turn Spirit, Scroll of Turn Zombie, and a darkwood case (worth $100) holding 4 haunt siphons.

Magic Items

  • Warden’s Badge: Powerstone capacity 5 (could be increased)
  • Spatter Man’s moldy spellbook (containing Air Jet, Apportation, Armor, Borrow Language, Counterspell, Force Bolt, Lend Language, Lend Vitality, Levitation, Shield, Simple Illusion, and Suspend Spell)
  • Kendra’s Knowledge of spells, including: Acid Ball (Missile; Water) IQ+2 [4], Analyze Magic (Information; Knowledge) IQ+2 [4], Armor (Regular; Protection) IQ [1], Borrow Langauge (Regular; Comm/Empathy) IQ [1], Create Acid (Regular; Water) IQ [1], Create Earth (Regular, Earth) IQ [1], Create Water (Regular; Water) IQ [1], Detect Magic (Information; Knowledge) IQ [1], Earth to Stone (Regular, Earth) IQ [1], Enchant* (Enchantment) IQ+2 [8], Extinguish Fire (Area; Fire) IQ [1], Final Rest (Regular; Healing & Necromancy) IQ [1], Identify Spell (Information; Knowledge) IQ [1], Ignite Fire (Regular; Fire) IQ [1], Lend Energy (Regular; Healing) IQ [1], Lend Language (Regular Comm/Empathy) IQ [1], No-Smell (Regular; Air) IQ [1], Odor (Area; Air) IQ [1], Perfume (Regular; Body Control) IQ [1], Purify Air (Area; Air) IQ [1], Purify Water (Special; Water) IQ [1], Recover Energy (Regular; Healing) IQ [1], Scroll (Enchantment) IQ+1 [4], Seek Earth (Regular; Earth) IQ [1], Seek Water (Information; Water) IQ [1], Sense Emotion (Regular; Comm/Empathy) IQ [1], Sense Foes (Information/Area; Comm/Empathy) IQ [1], Sense Life (Information/Area; Comm/Empathy) IQ [1], Shape Earth (Regular, Earth) IQ [1], Shield (Regular; Protection) IQ [1].

I’m getting other shit in here eventually :eyes:
Looking over everything I’ve noticed that you guys may have missed some treasure :sad_panda:

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2020-01-03 Session 7

Simultaneously fight Splatter Man and Mosswater Marauder.

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2019-12-20 Session 6

you guys incapacitated Gibs, the deputies broke his leg. Lydia read a book about Harrowstone prison. Emeric rested up to peak 10/12HP. Then you guys got back to the prison on Saoirse’s birthday and killed two of the burning skeletons.

It’s currently the night of the 29th of Rova (Saoirse’s birthday).

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