Minor / PC Specific NPC’s

"She's tougher than she looks..."

Lillith, The Disguised One

First encountered by Ally in the hotel room where her brother Adrian was being tortured, Lillith was at the time acting as the female part in the sick erotic film Adrian was being forced to participate in. After Ally allowed the woman to leave, she later returned to the crime scene acting as an officer of the law, most likely to clean up evidence. She was met by Tabris there, who became suspicious of her motives after she left and the men standing watch outside the hotel room didn’t even remember her presence.

William, The Indestructible

At first glance, this mysterious man appears to be in his late teens, and rather rough around the edges, but otherwise harmless enough. As Ally quickly found out after killing two of his men, he is much more dangerous than a simple man. Not only did he lift her by her throat as though she weighed little more than a doll, but he left a concavity in the wall when he slammed her against it. Her kicks and frantic struggling attacks did nothing against the bastion of his body. According to him, he is Lillith’s “child”….

The Southern Ghost

This entity never gave a name; he was first encountered by Syd when the man began contacting him in ways that couldn’t be explained. When Syd finally sought him out in the abandoned building across the street, he soon discovered that the man existed in some sort of strange ghostly world, only visible when seemingly enlivened by Syd’s playing of the violin…

"Damn it...Promised to keep this clean..."

The Clawed Menace

While Tabris was investigating the hotel room where Ally killed two men and was subsequently attacked by William, this ‘man’ entered the dark hotel room and proceeded to warn Tabris and the other cops to put their guns away. When they didn’t, he utilized the rather strange, elongated, claw-like protrusions from his fingers, combined with inhuman speed and an unexplainable bulking-up, to kill the other men and severely wound Tabris. Instead of finishing him off, though, it seems that he had him transported to Jackson’s manor…

Origin Story NPC’s

Jackson, Triangle Man

This mysterious entity was first encountered by Jake, standing in the road with his “children” after the strange events leading up to Jake’s frantic flight from his home. The man, seemingly human by appearances, bears tattoos of triangles upon both of his cheeks, and appears to own the house in which many of the PC’s are currently present. More recently, he entered the room in which the captive PC’s (Ally, Syd, and Tabris) are being held, seemingly to commiserate and ask for last dinner requests. When greeted by unfriendly responses, he admitted to having been around so long that he no longer cared for the discomfort of humans, and told the players that they were going to be killed, so they might as well come to terms with it. This NPC is, according to the information given the PC’s, now deceased.

Carlson, The Auctioneer

A middle aged man dressed in bikers regalia. His hair is greasy, or it could of been the rain. He constantly chews on toothpicks, so much in fact that he carries a box of them in his jacket pocket. He seemed like the primary negotiator in the dealings with the people in the basement, but judging from the house and the refined look of some of the individuals coming into the house, he’s probably not all what he presents himself as.

P..p.please.. I'll get the m-m-money!! I NEED THEM

Erickson, The Creep

This alarmingly unkempt individual is one of the potential buyers for the captive PC’s. He acts as one hyped up on too many narcotics would: nervous, jittery, stuttering, making halting and sudden gestures of discomfort. Not only these, but he made it a point to lick Tabris’ open stomach wound, as well as glob a string of spit from his mouth to Ally’s ear, and to tell the two of them how much he “needed them”. He offered Carlson $8,000 dollars, potentially $10,000, for all three of the PC’s, much to the dismay of not only the characters but their previous buyers as well. The fates of Ally, Syd, and Tabris currently rest on whether or not he can obtain the money within a week. This NPC has, according to the information given the PC’s, seen his final sunrise.

Marcus, The Dominating One

Pierced and scowling, this man scoffed at Carlson’s goods, with the exception of Ally, whose violence against Lillith’s men had impressed the man. He made it a point to make sure Ally knew that he was going to make her his “bitch”, in his own words. When Erickson offered more, he simply said something along the lines of “Fuck it, this isn’t even worth it,” and walked out. This NPC has, according to the information given the PC’s, seen his final sunrise.

"But I want him! *Pouts*"

Elizabeth “Elza”, The Pouting Princess

This seemingly refined lady expressed an interest in purchasing Syd, and was subsequently sorely disappointed when Erickson interfered, making his ridiculously high-priced offer. She made references to Syd being a “pretty little pet” and other related pet names, treating him as though he were a domesticated animal. This NPC has, according to the information given the PC’s, seen her final sunrise.

Austin, The Assistant Doctor

This young man assisted Michael with his patching-up of both Tabris and Ally… although, they nearly failed to save Tabris’ life. The young man seems to be rather good at stitching up wounds. What’s he doing in a place like this…?

Reggie, The Black Guy

Held in captivity along with Ally, Syd, and Tabris, Reggie is a 20-something year old man with a family who somehow managed to get caught in this awful situation. The circumstances of his capture are unknown as of yet, but were seemingly not traumatic, judging by his mumbled words to his wife upon waking. Will he prove to be a staunch ally, or will he give in to the fear and uncertainty of the situation…?

Main Storyline NPC’s

Sawyer, The Well-Respected Sheriff

If the reactions of other kindred are anything to go on, this particular kindred is no one to fuck around with. He acts like a southern gentleman, but indications lead to him being one tough son of a bitch when it comes down to serious business. Otherwise, he’s a mystery…

Max, The Animalistic Democrat (need a better descriptor? XD)

Eric, The Pampered Nobleman

Autumn, The Rebellious Sire

Stefan, The Past-Dwelling Railroad Tycoon

Mr. Geoffrey, The Particular Lord

Kaiden, The Long Haired Enigma

Rachel, The Slave Master & Corpse Collector

Edgar, The Unbound Informant