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Seattle By Night..

Something stirs at night that cannot be seen. There is a truth behind whats under your bed and what has always been told to be your imagination. What if one day, you woke up to see the world in a completely different darkness? What if everyone you loved, knew and had met was all a mirage? You stand alone in the cold rain of Seattle, looking back on your life and trying to figure out where it all went wrong. What happened? Did you slip up? Why where you chosen?

You wish to take back what you have seen. There are no familiar faces here, only the embrace of solitude. The title of friend will not go very far and trust is a word long forgotten. Even in casual glances the world has shifted. When it all catches up to you, how will you deal with it? How will you handle the new town, the new faces, the new world. How will you handle Seattle by Night?

This web wiki is dedicated to a CA based group of role players. This wiki is to be used as an aid to my players’ adventures to keep track of important NPC’s, locations, etc.