Big Smoke

The party once more dares the big chasm, fights the guardian spider and kills it, explores a cave where an invisible person sends us away, gets attacked by more skinned undead, and finally decides that enough is enough and sets the epic spider web on fire using torches and burning hands. We watch the net catch fire. It burns. It burns. It burns for quite a while. The smoke is starting to be a problem. We retreat into a rope trick. In the morning, we look out of our window into smoke-filled caves. The smoke forms a dense black wall of soot and ash. We decide to planeshift to the Gates of the Moon, the native plane of Shaundakul! Hurray!

There, we meet some travellers, have camp, exchange stories, and the next day we return to the material plane. We show up in some frozen wasteland and teleport south as soon as possible. There is still smoke pouring out of the dagger hills.

We wait.

As we return into the caves, we realize that the web connected all the various caves. It is no more. We fly down to a central bazaar-like cave…