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It occurred to me to check the spell description of Legend Lore, and there is nothing in the description about artefacts. Could Lady Illustrial have just told us her spell had failed? Maybe it wasn’t an artefact after all and she just told us it was? We can find this stuff out. In any case, Glimnor is concerned about the intentions of Illustrial and this fellow Tean. They asked a lot of questions without giving us any answers, or indication as to why they wanted to know. They was something about the way she said “Yes, I would wish for Sienna Vara to come to Silvermoon” that made the hairs in Glimnor’s ears stand on end (it’s a Gnome thing)… I suspect they mean ill towards Sienna Vara. We should at least get to her, pull her out of that cage and ask what the deal is. She’s also been less than informative regarding her situation.

What to do once we get more information? Well that’s the thing about high intelligence; you first need the pieces of the puzzle before it can be put together. In the mean time lets go shopping, stock up on detect scrying and nondetection spells, and make a habit of sleeping in a rope trick.

– Marco 2009-07-22 10:35 UTC

I share your unease. It seems to me that even if these characters are not mortal enemies, they are certainly wary of each other. Imagining a world of nigh-immortal politics, I’d think that the most important aspect of it would be social capital. Illustrial securing the rescue of Sienna Vara might put her in a debt, somehow.

Also consider the enemies that would have managed to entrap Sienna Vara. How would they prevent her from escaping? Will we face anti-magic fields and the like?

– Alex 2009-07-22 11:47 UTC

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