Day of the Tentacle

The party explores the crypts dug into the hillside and finds the graves of rulers, thousands of years old. Orland seems oblivious to the danger of the Underdark, Glimnor is cautious and unsure; Richard follows Orland, and Ambra turns out to be the eyes and ears of the party.

Even though ample opportunity presents itself, the party decides not to loot the sarcophagi. They are here to fight evil (says Richard) and to stop the drow (says Orland). Nobody feels inclined to go tomb robbing. At one point a summoning trap calls forth two celestial lions, but they are quickly sent back to the heavens they have come from.

Later the party runs afoul a roper. Thousands of tentacles suddenly fill the room, Glimnor looses consciousness, Orland is trapped in the sticky goo and Richard is hard pressed to pull out his short sword and finally run the creature through.

Later the party discovers an illusionary wall and behind it a cave guarded by two bebelith demons. Orland feels their arachnid voices from beyond the pale whisper darker secrets in his mind and cautions the party against picking a fight with them.

Finally we end up in a charnel house where the reek of death hangs heavy in the air. Pieces of armor equipment are strewn about, and as Orland walks across this mess looking for bodies, a shapeshifting ghoul demon appears out of nowhere!!