Destruction of Thorvald

The party took the trail up into the snowy highlands. They fought zombies armored in ice and were finally confronted by a tumble of wights, a score of snow igors, a pair of ice zombi elves with frost lasers eye beams, as well as generald Thorvald himself. He said he had come to conquer. Orland said that he’d oppose him. Thorvald shouted the attack signal. And so Orland raised high his holy symbol of Shaundakul’s left hand, and suddenly the hidden runes of anathema shine bright like burning magnesia, the world wobbles and seems to boil as the air roils, Orland chants the titles of the darker aspect of Shaundakul, Shaundakul the Ender of Things, Shaundakul who Arrives at the End of Trails, he who Welcomes Travellers Back, he who will take the zombie general back into the limbo of Uncreatedness, utterly destroy Thorvald and end his sojourn in the multiverse.

And so it was.

The party then fought a long and protracted battle with the remaining undead army, scattered them, and proceeded to a cave where they found a black obelisk of overpowering evil. The undead army must have been trying to unearth it. Who had buried it here? Where did it come from? What to do about it?

Also, Glimnor’s scrying revealed that our dire lady must be in some sort of trouble, besieged by armed forces of unknown proportions.