Freedom for the Slaves

We find a dead trading party: A dwarf, a drow, and a tentacle head that Glimnor identifies as a mind flayer. We loot them, of course. Bag of holding, merchandise, ghost touch greataxe, scrolls, potions. We love it!

Further down a passage we fund fungus gardens and a smurf village full of dead people. It’s a sobering experience. Orland looks pained. Richard looks as if his paladin powers are leaving him. We did this, by setting the web on fire!

At the bottom of the one mile long cave we find four dozen survivors and three imprisoned stone giants. We free them and decide to bring them back to the surface using magic. During the night we fight back some drow with the help of the stone giants. Rock throwing is fun! We get the human slaves to the surface world using tons of dimension door to get up and fly to go back down. The next day we take the giants to the plane of elemental earth using planeshift. Then we return to the dagger hills and take the fifty rescued slaves to Daggerfall. We give them all the mind flayer merchandise we found (tapestries, carpets, smoked meat, smoked mushroom, smoked cheese) worth about 3000 gp and tell them to set up shop here, resettle some of the abandoned farms, graciously accept the reward offered by Randal Mourn, and start resting.

On the first day Orland and Ambra went to pray at the local Shaundakul shrine.

On the second day they got drunk at the Golden Trumpet.

On the third day they knocked at Glimnor’s door, but he wouldn’t budge. Luckily some travellers arrived that night and Ambra and Orland chatted up the guards. They were travelling west, accross the Anaroch desert, to the Silver Marshes! Orland doesn’t care – anywhere is better than sticking around in the Daggerfall! They will ask their “high lady” and we will ask Glimnor, Richard, and Skeel. Luckily Richard and Skeel agree immediately, and Glimnor only needs a little talking to. We prepare to leave at first light!

The high lady Sienna Vela agrees to take us along and promises a reward of 3000 gp per person. This is great! Apparently she is from Zentil keep and being followed by Moonsea guards disguised as common bandits. But Orland doesn’t care. It’s too far away. Let’s go west!

The high lady is accompanied by a bunch of roughians, Artus Bockham, their leader, Maulius Toman, a small guy with a hooked nose, Petra Telia, a plain woman, and Mist, an androgynous follower of Turm.

Let’s move!