Gargantuan Spiders

The party approaches the hole in the ground again and is again attacked by drow: A mind-bending undead creature with a soul-crushing aura, a magic user, and a fighter. A lot of magic gets used by both sides. At last the fighter is the last one standing and retreats. The party follows using dimension door and reaches a big chasm that reaches into the roots of the earth. After a minute, a gargantuan spider climbs out of the chasm and attacks. As Richard and Orland fall prey to it’s poison, Glimnor manages to get us all out and back to the temple of Turm in Daggerfall. Everytime we return, we seem more battered and more beat-up. The locals are starting to recognize how desperately we are fighting for their safety.

When next we venture into the depths of the Dagger Hills, we decide to investigate the Bebeliths guarding a side passage. A daylight spell provokes them, melee is joined, and they are defeated. This time we have a neutralize poison prepared. We proceed into the next cave were a beautiful woman cries. We are suspicious and confounded by her. Does she not notice us? We call out, stretch our paranormal senses in all directions, but find no treachery, and so Orland proceeds to walk up to her. Just as he is about to touch her, she jumps up, big fangs glittering in the torchlight! Shocked, Orland brings down his flaming mace and crushes the beautiful face and kills her, for Glimnor was prepared for such a turn of events and held her using arcane forces.

We then get to fight a large spider that has been hiding on the ceiling – another aranea – and prevail. Curious, Orland casts speak with dead and learns that these drow here are different from the ones the aranea appears to know. It is not entirely clear whether these drow here also worship Lloth or a different fiendish god.

Orland feels some remorse at having killed the two araneas. They might have been allies, perhaps. We thought them imprisoned and guarded by the bebeliths, but these demons had been summoned to protect the araneas by their last cleric. How strange.

Glimnor feels like returning into his smelly extradimensional hovel using a rope trick, but Orland starts a discussion, and before long they are surprised by something coming from a concealed corridor.