Nasty Oasis

The Lady and her entourage decided to move north after having received a message from a guild-member called Lasher. We got a later and a metal disk to carry west accross the desert. Supposedly the disk would allow the Lady to teleport back to us when her business with Lasher was done. As soon as they had left our camp, we decided to move our camp, trying to defend against nasty surprises. Little did we know that now, without mage armor and without heroes’ feast, we were in for an eight-armed gargantuan surprise as a rock cracked and released a netherese mummy kraken warmachine. It was a close call, but we survived with the aid of Shaundakul.

The next day we found a little bit of treasure including an awesome ring of creation!

We moved further west and about four days before reaching the western edge of the sand ocean, we came upon a beduin camp. We learnt that their oasis had been cursed by some evil and that every night, people would disappear. We decided to investigate and prompty crossed over into some evil swamp planeApparently the mummy theme continues as we got attacked by slow, spider-filled, sticky, mummy ogre creatures.

As we fought them, we noticed a slender tower in the mist in front of us.