No Rest For The Wicked

Orland remembers…

I looked around. So this was Daggerdale… Hmph. Trade seemed to be ok, people happy. There was a temple being built on a little hill. They just love Healing miracles now, don’t they? Little do they understand that all their efforts are in vain. The world will change. Again and again. And they’ll just keep rebuilding that temple. I care little for the past and turned away.

After a while we got bored the and decided to heed Randal Morn’s invitation. There was some talk about trade suffering from drow invasions. Indeed, we could look into it. But shouldn’t the elves be battling drow? Oh well, another crypt to cleanse, no problem. And off we went.

When we reached the hills and found the crypt of what’s-his-name, Richard insisted on opening that crypt even though I had a bad – a very bad! – feeling about it. No suprises here, Shaundakul’s warning was apt. An invisibile vampire and two of its spawn attacked us. We laid waste to them even though the creature showed an amazing will power. It’s voice kept intruding into our minds and distracting us. Clearly, we need better Protection from Evil!

Once defeated, Richard opened the two coffins and found some coins rotting away in the darkness. “It must be brought back into circulation! For trade & prosperity!” Hehehe, I love it when Shaundakul’s wisdom comes easily. I think the little guy took some stuff from the vampire, but I didn’t pay too much attention.

I’m a bit confused by the girl. Poor Ambra. She professes interest in Shaundakul, but her approach seems like the antithesis of everything he stands for. It sounds like working diligently so you can rest easily. That will never work. You can’t find the easy of Shaundakul through discipline and bondage. I’ll have to talk to her again.