OrlandOrland (character sheet) grew up on the roads of Archendale. His father was one of the guides on the Dawnpost connecting the dales with Sembia and far away Cormyr. The old man had a sharp eye and kept to himself, grim like most of the Dalesfolk. His mother was a quiet sort, dreamy, if you wish. She followed her husband if she could, and kept to the streets when she had to. There was not much money to be earned and they lived in a tiny little flat in Archenbridge. Whenever they could, the two brothers and their mother spent the time on the streets beneath the shadow of Swordpoint, the old tower protecting Archdale from invasion.

Archendale is a merchant’s heaven. Many a Sembian caravan stops in the capital before taking the northern road along the Dawnpost to Ordulin. As soon as he was old enough, Orland started acting as a guide himself. He had placed himself under Shaundakul’s protection in his early years, and he never repented that choice. Wherever the winds would blow him, there he would be, to live and to breath and be free.

Orland is not much of a missionary; he teaches by example: Easy going and morally “flexible” he travels the dales, doing what needs to be done. Many would claim that a veil of confusion and rebellion follows his footsteps, but he just claims that he “enables people to make their own choice.” Give them the means to live according to their own desires and be free. For Orland, freedom is not a philosophical concept reigned in by practical necessities. Those practical necessities are the very thing that need to be undone for freedom to bloom. Of course Orland wants people to do good. But one should never push people to do good, for what good will it do them in the afterlife. People must learn by being allowed to make mistakes. It is this grand experiment we call life that allows us to prove our mettle. That is true freedom.

When he met Richard oh so many years ago, it was a joyous occasion. Both had been travelling a lot along the great roads, but having formed the core of various adventuring groups in the past, they were able to travel further, delve deeper, and strike harder. And strike they did.

  • At one point, they had penetrated the inner sanctum of an evil shrine using a Dimension Door. They emerged right on the altar in the middle of a foul ritual, whipped out their greatswords and got to work! Neither remembers whether these miserable souls followed Bane, Cyric, or Talos.
  • Much earlier, they had finally reached the lair of an orcish leader standing on a dais surrounded by his ogre bodyguards in full plate armor wielding terrible glaives. In a desparate move, Richard had dashed forward with the aid of a Longstrider and managed to fell the leader with one fell blow of the blade. As the leader toppled, Orland had cheered “a man needs two legs!!” whereupon the ogres had decided to call it a day.
  • Once they got the mission to seek out and destroy the corrupted virgin Asmiela in her underground maze o’horrors. With many men they stormed the maze and cleaned every level of it. But when they came close to the center, suddenly part of the dungeon collapsed and Orland and Richard were separated from their men. They had to face the center alone. After five days of no sign from Orland and Richard their men lost hope that they actually made it. However, after the sixth day they showed up but wouldn’t speak of what happened. They only said that the virgin was no more.

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Orland knows many of the remote shrines of Shaundakul in the dales. He would like to complete his grand pilgrimage one day and see them all. Apparently there are also many abandoned shrines. Those he would love to unearth and resanctify.

Another dream he harbors is to one day find the necessary keys and anchors that would allow him to travel to the farthest reaches of the universe, where mind rules over matter and the pure essence of freedom rules. It is said that the Chaos Lords have the faces of frogs and are incomprehensible to man. Reconciling this vision and the easy going murmuring of Shaundakul is something Orland is still still working on.

Unfortunately Orland did not make too many friends in the past. His adventuring groups disbanded again after a few missions, his family lives all over the dales – his father and mother still live in a caravanserai in Archbridge. His brother set up a fur trade with an agent in Peldan’s Helm and spends a lot of time on the Moonsea Ride; every three or four years Orland pays him a visit in Ashabenford.

Apparently his brother rolled an 18 on character creation but turned out not to be adventuring type. Oh well…


Orland is a carefree person that dislikes obligations and ceremony. He thinks most priests are pompous fools who delude themselves with rituals instead of going out and actually experiencing their union with a god. Obviously he himself is the rolemodel everybody else should strive after. If Orland was not so opposed to the very idea, he would have founded a temple a long time ago. There just is so much more to see and do in this world!

Orland dislikes the killing of innocent people, but does not really believe in helping people toiling in hardship: Toil is a test, a message from the gods that tells you to fight for your freedom and loose the shackles that bind you. Orland would support anybody who is actively struggling to rise above such strenuous circumstance. The point is that the world is far too big to help everybody. Orland’s concern is with the individuals.

The recent death and resurrection of Ambra has made Orland more cautious. To pull back the souls of the deceased into the material plane is to meddle in the affairs of the divine. Not good…