Orland is Frog King

In the room with the read reaper the party finds an awesome helmet. Skeel searches for traps, Glimnor mumbles stuff about the power of the helmet, and Orland puts it on. Raw power floods his brain and claims the helmet for himself! Raaaarrrrr!

Other stuff they find include a spellbook on planar travel and a tuning fork for the demiplane, as well as a diary of a legendary wizard and planar traveller who had found the helmet “suddenly” in his demiplane, got distracted from his mummy spider research, was bitten & died.

The party also discovers a teleportation circles going further up and ends up in a bedroom with a decomposing corpse. For a while the party consideres resurrecting the poor fellow, but who knows, maybe he wants the helmet back. And he likes mummy spiders. Yuck. Plus, some of us just looted the guy.

A floor further up, Orland and his helmet get slammed by a golem guardian. Orland retreats, the party returns to the bedouins, the planar junction starts to fade, Skeel and Ambra party until their eyes glaze over, the party poopers study spellbooks and gather some sleep, and in the morrow they ride West.

After a while Glimnor comes up to Orland and convinces him to abandon the camels, planeshift to the demiplane, loot the treasure, and planeshift back but pick a spot much further west. We all agree, return to the demiplane, fight the golem, find tons of tradegoods in the tower attic, and a strange hyperplanar astrolab that will help us cast one planeshift a day. Huzzah! Clearly, this is Orland’s tower.

We cast planeshift and end up in cold mountains. In very cold mountains. Apparently Orland is now immune to cold.

We retreat into the Glimnor’s safe place using the ropetrick. After a while Skeel volunteers to scout around and Orland discovers that he can mass atune to planar effects. No more cold damage while standing outside! Nobody understands why there is a planar cold effect on the material plane. Have we arrived in the realms of the Ice Queen? Glimnor babbles stuff about mountains this and mountains that, but it’s all very confusing and not helpful at all according to Orland.

We decide to investigate and arrive at a road-block manned by an ice freak and his two giant ice Quasimodos.

The session ends on a cliff-hanger with Skeel jumping the road block and taking a beating, Richard fighting a frost Igor, Orland buffing Richard, and Ambra nowhere to be seen. Where has she gone!? Glinor just finished frying Igor #2.