To Silvermoon

The party decides to head for the road north of the Nether Mountains. We plan to head east towards Ascore, then south towards Hóthan. On the way we meet two old wrinkled men dragging ten chained prisoners towards us. Then the prisoners all fall over. Then they rise again. Then the two old men unchain them. And they attack.

Fuckers! Apparently we have reached the edge of the negative energy planar effect. Dragging commoners into this zone will kill them, and then turn them into undead. We were low on spells anyway, so the battle was messy and slow going. Stupid ice zombies had a life sucking effect (Con drain), and the undead magic users cast spheres of cold numbness that paralyzed us (Dex damage). We hated it.

When we arrive at the village at the foot of the mountain, they tell us that hundreds of folks have been disappearing night after night. Verily, an undead army in the making. We tell them to evakuate. They want to head west, to Silvermoon. We decide to escort the refugees.

On our trip to Silvermoon we hear that it leads an alliance of five or six cities up here in the north, headed by the High Lady Illustrial. Silvermoon itself is ruled by Tëan Hornblade. We end up with an audience and realize that all these people are very interested in the Water Helm Orland is wearing an in the High Lady Sienna Vara. We not sure whether Illustrial and Sienna Vara like each other. They seem to go back a long way. We don’t want to meddle in the affairs of the epic characters…