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XABA6432-1 CAUST (Zoze, in the local dialect) The massive, ocean encircled planet 6313-0404-Gamma has been noted and bypassed by a number of explorers and traders over the centuries - due to its highly corrosive atmosphere. Unknown to them, an entire aquatic civilization of undersea psionic alien sophonts exists, just beneath the surface.

A scout base from Contact Branch was established here, and contact has been ongoing - specially protected scout vessels may descend through the corrosive atmosphere and into the depths of the great sea, which glows and churns and is lit from beneath by an endless carpet of psi-active phosphorescent life.

The natives of 0404-Gamma are spread across the southern hemisphere, the shallower, life filled seas. The great deeps of the north are relatively unexplored by the various tribes, kingdoms, and empires of the south. There are several ascendant cultures, and numerous tribal cultures on their fringes. Some cultural features are recognizable to humankind, others are totally alien or seemingly animalistic.

The larger empires of the glowing seafloor (between 100’ and 400’) have beautiful, complex architecture, strange undersea galleys and ships, metallurgy, pikes and swords, armor and jewelry and art; they are especially coy about their reproduction and biology in general, and seem to have a cannibalistic aspect without taboo as well.

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