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Aanbi 0311 E78A456-9 G Ni Wa

Size: 11,200km (1.0Gs)
Atmosphere: Dense, Temperate
Hydrographics: 98% total surface area

Allegiance: None
Population: 42 thousand
Government: Tribal Technocracy
Law Level: 6 
Tech Level: 9 (Middle Humanity)

Starport: E
Gas Giant present
Non-industrial | Water World

What originally started as a test-bed for ‘large scale application of metal fertilization of genetically engineered phytoplankton’ had its orbital infrastructure destroyed during the Tzadei Offensive, resulting in the locals having to resort to desperate measures to stay alive beneath the waves for help - it never came. A generation later, and the chemistry labs that still function have been converted into kitchens concocting dangerous narcotics and illegal forms of biochemicals grown from genetically modified plankton.

Any attempts at establishing law in the system has quickly garnered a swift response by pirates who wish to keep the flow of illegal drugs from Aanbi flowing down into Libertalia.