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Devois 0312 A567537-8 RG Ag Ga Ni

Size: 7,850km (0.66Gs)
Atmosphere: Standard, Cold
Hydrographics: 67% total surface area

Allegiance: Aginstraus Constellate
Population: 340 thousand
Government: Instated Plutocracy
Law Level: 7 
Tech Level: 8 (Middle Humanity)

Starport: A, Research Base.
Gas Giant present
Agricultural | Garden | Non-industrial

Devois had always been joined at the proverbial hip with Aginstraus, even during its brief independence after the Tzedai Offensive happened to pass by the system - only boarding and clearing the high port of personnel. After this, the secretive Devois Order took power and created a theocratic state.

Ten years ago, a small fleet from Aginstraus came to Devois requesting spare crops only to be denied. In response, they invaded the world and occupied it - removing and eradicating the Devois Order and placing some of its loyal courtiers as rulers of continent-sized fiefs. The planet has gradually begun to acclimate to their past position as breadbasket for the burgeoning empire of Aginstraus.