The adventuring party was organized like many that came before it, with various disparate individuals coming together for some cause, relation, common goal, or simple proximity, and eventually forming a charter, formal or not. They would separate for their various business interests, sending word if a job for the group came around. Only this time, they all converged quite suddenly.

Walter, in the city where mechanist and arcane groups and even conventions occurred, heard rumors of an unearthly structure in the northern mountains, a structure so massive, mortal hands could not have completed it, and for uses too alien to understand.

Grumbles, back home with his mountain clan, was called by the elders to investigate rumors of orcs and goblins massing and convening for the north. He should collect his party of outsiders to follow them; a combined army could always come down soon, and they would have to be prepared for such an incursion.

Turf, away from the dwarf society, felt more of a disturbance of the actual earth to the north. There were tremblings and an illness inside the mountians, much like he would feel of food poisoning, if the food was actually trying to kill him.

Tyma, too, attended a druid’s circle, called to discuss and investigate migrations of humanoids, and the unnatural miasma in the north. Collecting her tiger, they returned to the cold mountains of its habitat.

Xev’ra, deep under the earth herself, was summoned by her mother superior. The goblins were on the move, apparently swarming over some unknown location in the north. If there was a new stronghold for the drow, she was to collect her simpleton minions to be the vanguard of the eventual invasion force to annex the new lands.

Varel, drinking and eating in a bar, was told by Xev’ra that there was yummy food elsewhere. She collected her massive sword and followed.