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After a cryptic flashback where the party finds themselves in a crumbling mansion and unaware of their location, war rages around them and three blinding lights appear infront of each of the players. The players flash to current time, where they have no memory of what has happened over the past month. They notice a darkness is rapidly creeping up on them.

They arrive at the borders of [[Mahtriam?]], The capital of [[Manthenerin?]]. They stumble through the border, where the darkness mysteriously stops. Everyone is staring them, and they are quickly scooped up by the town guard.

The town guard delivers the players to the king, where they find out they have failed some sort of mission which they have no recollection of, and the king, [[Rand?]], sends you north towards a secret and strange village, to recover an artifact. Hjatar talks shit and gets a sword to the throat from Rand.

The players head towards the closest inn, where the common room is almost full up. They manage to find a corner table. After a quick interaction with some Ruffians which claimed to steal their seats, they pull out a illusionary kings seal and scare the whole inn out, that is, other than three hooded women sitting on the other side of the room.

The [[three_hooded_women?]] approach them, asking them for their names. The players refuse to give the women their names as they scream at them and proceed to walk out, mumbling threats and something about a golden dragon.

The players spend a large amount trying to find north, and, when they fail, return to the inn to sleep. Guillem plays some songs and tells some tales in the common room, where he quickly gets drunk and is payed by the innkeep. The innkeep offers Guillem a job, but Guillem declines.

After realising Guillem had a map in his backpack the whole time, the party heads north towards the hills, where they approach the first village. After some uneventful interactions, the players are sent towards a second village. After, again, more meaningless interactions, the players are sent towards a third village about a days walk away. As the players approach, they notice more and more dead bandits bodies, tattooed with arcane runes. The ground is also tattered with arcane runes. Upon sitting down to rest, the players come across bandits who are heavily injured with arcanic tattoos all over their bodies. The players initiate combat with the crippled bandits, who proceed to explode into magical energy.

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