After defeating the outlaws, the players continue to travel to the next village after a rest.

On the way, the arcanic runes that are spread throughout continue to grow larger and larger and more numerous, as do the bodies, until it’s essentially a mass grave. Hjatar Attempts to decipher the rune, and after failing, a big circular barrier erupts from each rune. Hjatar attempts to strike a rune multiple times, until he’s knocked back furiously into Guillem, giving him a concussion.

The players approach closer to the village and inscriptions start appearing on the runes, and after reading them, they say in dragonic “DRAGONIC” and “SPAWN”.

Upon arriving outside the village, they see a medium-large sized golden scaled dragon breathing flame unsuccessfully into the village, while recieving the witches barrage of magic.

The dragon limps away towards the players, heavily injured. As Hjatar heals the dragon and speaks with him, he reveals inscriptions on his chest that say “DRAGON and “POWER”

As the dragon cannot pass through a barrier the witches have erected into the witches village, he asks the players to go find his spawn, which he claims to have been stolen by the witches.

The players enter the village, where they notice no witch looks older than twenty, all are cute, and all children, 5-15 looking, have scales. The wisdom agrees to let the players search the village for the spawn, claiming, they know nothing, providing they first capture the dragon, not kill, for the witches.