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Ander stops expeditiouly retreating through the fucked up hellscape everything around the village has become and is taken off-guard by the witch village dressing up as a dragon.

He eventually arrives at the nearby town the group has rested in before entering the witches wild ride, which has since been transformed into a mess of fiery pits and obsidian spikes, and is nursed back to health by Hirgang. As he rests on a collapsed bed inside a hut of questionable structural stability, the landscape suddenly changes again, more spikes appearing and tremors rocking the hut. Also, a black and a red book do some suspect, occult thing, which deals a lot of constant damage.

Because reading is for chumps, the two get out and are confronted by a flood of what appears to be mutated townfolk. Their puny attacks don’t leave a scratch on Ander’s full plate armorchainmail, but one of them manages to crit for a bazillion15 Damage and the books do a thing which ends up pushing Ander back into one of the calescent cracks. He manages to grip the edge of the searing shaft, but fails to pull up and thus falls into the piping precipice. With his heavy armor on, Ander doesn’t manage to climb out of the ovenlike orifice and thus relies on his new best bud’s rope to help him out of the flaming fissure. The abominations express their desire to join Ander inside the hot hole by jumping down, whereas Ander, on his last 3 hit points, manages to jump out of the warm vent.

With his last breath, right before falling unconscious, he suggests something along the lines of stabbing the goddamn book and what-was-his-name-again happily obliges. The evil schemes of the literacy campaign are foiled and Ander is being stabilized, somewhere in the woods.