Spam Fighting, No Mail Notifications


Yuren goes to sell an ogre tooth he get from beating up an ogre and freeing guzma, a blacksmith tells him to go to “The Golden Ruse” where he’s lead into the back. He doesn’t make friends there, except for one tiefling who’s following him around and gets sent on a mission to find a book by a money lender. He fucks shit up, loses the ogre tooth until he completes the mission and gets the book. The tiefling is still with him. He goes to the Grand Library to retrieve the book. He is not allowed to - it is in the forbidden section. He meets up with a minotaur with a spooky eye in the library. Yuren tries to trick the money lender that he has the book, he fails, and before anything can happen, guards storm the tavern, the money lender running off with the ogres tooth.