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Age of the Unknown

13 Celestials were the first beings, beings which existed in nothingness. Celestials create the earth, and with it, humans. Mesphonilias “The Creator” ultimate Celestial. These humans are in turn nomads, searching for a place in the world. Celestials give them Celestial Magic, to shape it how they pleased, so they could forge out and find their own place in the world. With the introduction of magic, humans began settling - moving from a nomad, hunter gatherer society, to evolved beings. Creating kingdoms, tribes, and all sorts of societies. The Celestials exist within a realm of nothingness, a realm of abnormality. They continue to cross over and help the humans in their endeavour of creating their own world. With the evolution of the humans and ever growing societies, friction is created between all lands, neighbour vs neighbour, brother vs brother. All societies had types of magics they crafted from The Celestial Magic, differing from one tribe to another. While the Celestials forge wonders for the humans, they continue to quarrel.

Infighting between the Celestials over the state of the humans. Each god has different attitudes towards the humans and the world they’ve built. The first Celestial Council is called. The council ends with positions given to each of the Celestials based on their being. The main resolution of the council, though, was the deciscion to create DemiCelestials. They decided that the gods mating with humans to make half-celestials would be the best idea to keep in touch with the human world while not getting directly involved, essentially doing the Celestials biddings. (DemiCelestials could be raised by other means). Arch-Celestials would also be created, essentially angels.

The fundamental flaws of humanity run so deep they start to show within the DemiCelestials. In most DemiCelestials, humanity takes presedence over godhood, causing more stife within the world than they did help.

A Second Celestial Council was called. The Celestials, in the end, decided the best way to stay the hands of humans and give peace to them would be to take away the magic that they had given them, infusing it into the moon. The sun is removed completely, and infused with the moon. Removing all magic and the sun took all of the Celestials at the same time to do it. Light now comes from the twilight of the moon, with a candle like aura gravitating throughout the world, just as the sun would the earth normally. The world is now essentially continously dark and in twilight, with only the candle-like aura for light. As human infighting increases, the moon slowly breaks - most societies come to a truce as they realise that magic is no longer as strong as it once was. The position of the moon also changed how strong magic was in an area.

The Celestials decided, after strife within the world had died down, that they would accept tribute in the form of life. Depending on the tribute, they would decide to restore parts of the moon. Generally, the greater the tribute the more moon that would be restored.

The Celestials used these tributes to create an army within their realm of abstract nothingness.

DemiCelestials and groups of people get infuriated and resentment starts to grow between the people and the Celestials.

Celestials, within their plane, become even more divided. Some become more firm on their stance over the humans.

Age of Humility

DemiCelestials within the world unite the humans while the Celestials quarrel among themselves about the humans. With the aid of Noire, Grahpiax, Dasporia and Ishmeen, the DemiCelestials and humans go to war with The Celestials. The Celestials army of abstract nothingness, coming from all the tribues, defeat the DemiCelestials, Humans and traitor Celestials, but not without heavy losses on both sides and completely changing the landscape of the earth.

Mesphonilias (for being neutral in the war), Ishmeen, Dasporia, Noire and Grahpiax are banished to another realm bordering the world. All DemiCelestials are imprisoned within a different plain of the Earth. The line of good and evil everything Celestial is forever blurred, and the world is broken - societies shattered, kingdoms fallen, magic lost.

With alot of the Celestials banished, magic is infinitely weaker than it was before the breaking.

With the massive flux in magic, new races arise, and new gods enter the world.

Age of Harmony

The Celestials go to quickly imprisoning the new gods, and neutering and bringing into toe the new races.

With the gods imprisoned in another multiverse, the Celestials decide to slumber after appointing a global army - The Empyrian Marked (humans) - to keep harmony within the world. Due to the breaking, with so much lost, knowledge and magic included, The Empyrian Marked are, in general, universally accepted.

With the project of the world come to an end, the Celestials decide to go into slumber - “Good” and “Evil” alike. With the Celestials asleep, magic further weakens.

Age of Breaking

The DemiCelestials are continously finding weakness within the seals of their plain, some having even already escaped into the world. Not all DemiCelestials are evil.

The seals to the realm of the evil Celestials begin slowly breaking, even though they are asleep. This causes lost cultures and magics to start reappearing.

Unnatural Occurences are also appearing in every culture.

Kingdoms, tribes, all societies are nothing like they were before the breaking. You shouldn’t consider a “Huge” Kingdom to be “Huge” in terms of a normal fantasy setting, just in the context of this world, as everyone is still rebuilding.