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Yuren goes to sell an ogre tooth he get from beating up an ogre and freeing guzma, a blacksmith tells him to go to “The Golden Ruse” where he’s lead into the back. He doesn’t make friends there, except for one tiefling who’s following him around and gets sent on a mission to find a book by a money lender. He fucks shit up, loses the ogre tooth until he completes the mission and gets the book. The tiefling is still with him. He goes to the Grand Library to retrieve the book. He is not allowed to - it is in the forbidden section. He meets up with a minotaur with a spooky eye in the library. Yuren tries to trick the money lender that he has the book, he fails, and before anything can happen, guards storm the tavern, the money lender running off with the ogres tooth.

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Ander stops expeditiouly retreating through the fucked up hellscape everything around the village has become and is taken off-guard by the witch village dressing up as a dragon.

He eventually arrives at the nearby town the group has rested in before entering the witches wild ride, which has since been transformed into a mess of fiery pits and obsidian spikes, and is nursed back to health by Hirgang. As he rests on a collapsed bed inside a hut of questionable structural stability, the landscape suddenly changes again, more spikes appearing and tremors rocking the hut. Also, a black and a red book do some suspect, occult thing, which deals a lot of constant damage.

Because reading is for chumps, the two get out and are confronted by a flood of what appears to be mutated townfolk. Their puny attacks don’t leave a scratch on Ander’s full plate armorchainmail, but one of them manages to crit for a bazillion15 Damage and the books do a thing which ends up pushing Ander back into one of the calescent cracks. He manages to grip the edge of the searing shaft, but fails to pull up and thus falls into the piping precipice. With his heavy armor on, Ander doesn’t manage to climb out of the ovenlike orifice and thus relies on his new best bud’s rope to help him out of the flaming fissure. The abominations express their desire to join Ander inside the hot hole by jumping down, whereas Ander, on his last 3 hit points, manages to jump out of the warm vent.

With his last breath, right before falling unconscious, he suggests something along the lines of stabbing the goddamn book and what-was-his-name-again happily obliges. The evil schemes of the literacy campaign are foiled and Ander is being stabilized, somewhere in the woods.

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Ander’s plan to fool a whole village of witches with faked dragon bondage didn’t turn out so well, and thus Hjatar and Guillem died tanking a few hundred magic missiles, while Ander heroically ran away at sanic speeds.

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After defeating the outlaws, the players continue to travel to the next village after a rest.

On the way, the arcanic runes that are spread throughout continue to grow larger and larger and more numerous, as do the bodies, until it’s essentially a mass grave. Hjatar Attempts to decipher the rune, and after failing, a big circular barrier erupts from each rune. Hjatar attempts to strike a rune multiple times, until he’s knocked back furiously into Guillem, giving him a concussion.

The players approach closer to the village and inscriptions start appearing on the runes, and after reading them, they say in dragonic “DRAGONIC” and “SPAWN”.

Upon arriving outside the village, they see a medium-large sized golden scaled dragon breathing flame unsuccessfully into the village, while recieving the witches barrage of magic.

The dragon limps away towards the players, heavily injured. As Hjatar heals the dragon and speaks with him, he reveals inscriptions on his chest that say “DRAGON and “POWER”

As the dragon cannot pass through a barrier the witches have erected into the witches village, he asks the players to go find his spawn, which he claims to have been stolen by the witches.

The players enter the village, where they notice no witch looks older than twenty, all are cute, and all children, 5-15 looking, have scales. The wisdom agrees to let the players search the village for the spawn, claiming, they know nothing, providing they first capture the dragon, not kill, for the witches.

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After a cryptic flashback where the party finds themselves in a crumbling mansion and unaware of their location, war rages around them and three blinding lights appear infront of each of the players. The players flash to current time, where they have no memory of what has happened over the past month. They notice a darkness is rapidly creeping up on them.

They arrive at the borders of [[Mahtriam?]], The capital of [[Manthenerin?]]. They stumble through the border, where the darkness mysteriously stops. Everyone is staring them, and they are quickly scooped up by the town guard.

The town guard delivers the players to the king, where they find out they have failed some sort of mission which they have no recollection of, and the king, [[Rand?]], sends you north towards a secret and strange village, to recover an artifact. Hjatar talks shit and gets a sword to the throat from Rand.

The players head towards the closest inn, where the common room is almost full up. They manage to find a corner table. After a quick interaction with some Ruffians which claimed to steal their seats, they pull out a illusionary kings seal and scare the whole inn out, that is, other than three hooded women sitting on the other side of the room.

The [[three_hooded_women?]] approach them, asking them for their names. The players refuse to give the women their names as they scream at them and proceed to walk out, mumbling threats and something about a golden dragon.

The players spend a large amount trying to find north, and, when they fail, return to the inn to sleep. Guillem plays some songs and tells some tales in the common room, where he quickly gets drunk and is payed by the innkeep. The innkeep offers Guillem a job, but Guillem declines.

After realising Guillem had a map in his backpack the whole time, the party heads north towards the hills, where they approach the first village. After some uneventful interactions, the players are sent towards a second village. After, again, more meaningless interactions, the players are sent towards a third village about a days walk away. As the players approach, they notice more and more dead bandits bodies, tattooed with arcane runes. The ground is also tattered with arcane runes. Upon sitting down to rest, the players come across bandits who are heavily injured with arcanic tattoos all over their bodies. The players initiate combat with the crippled bandits, who proceed to explode into magical energy.

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