Create Embodied Form

Create Embodied Form

Cost: 1,000,000xp
Range: 10’
Duration: Permanent

This spell creates a new Embodied form for either the caster or for a

willing target within 10’.

The new Embodied form can have any combination of four Embodied form powers, and will look like the caster wishes.

See Chapter 16: Questing for

Immortality for details on Embodied form powers.

When cast on a mortal with fewer than 3,000,000 experience points, this spell will fail. If the mortal has at least 3,000,000 experience points then

casting this spell on them will make them become an Immortal with the same number of experience points that they had as a mortal; and whose home plane is the plane on which this spell was

cast on them.

If cast on an Immortal (usually the caster themselves), this spell will

give them an additional Embodied form which may look different and have different powers to their existing


An Immortal can have as many Embodied forms as they like, and may change freely between them taking a round to do so.