Detect Immortal Magic

Detect Immortal Magic

Cost: 10pp
Range: One astronomical body on the Prime Plane
Duration: 1 Day

This spell will scan one astronomical body (on the Prime Plane only) for Immortal activity. A particularly large or complex astronomical body may require more than one Detect Immortal Magic spell to cover it, at the Game Master’s discretion.

Each round that an Immortal is on the planet in Embodied form, there is a 5% cumulative chance that this spell will detect their presence. If the Embodied Immortal uses spells then this becomes a 10% cumulative chance per round. There is also a 1% cumulative chance per round that this spell will detect

the active use of an artefact.

The spell will not reveal the identity

of the Immortal, or even whether it was triggered by an Immortal or an

artefact, but it will reveal the location that

the Immortal power was detected at.

In most campaign settings, the major planets where the campaign takes place will normally have some kind of rules set up by the most powerful Immortals that prohibit direct Immortal activity except for particular prescribed

activities (such as investing clerics or sending omens to worshippers).

This is for the safety of those living

on the planet, because it is relatively

simple for a dispute between Immortals to destroy huge areas of civilisation. Of course, not all Immortals will obey such rules, so there is often a council

of high level Immortals on “guard duty” using this spell to monitor events and prepared to step in and stop any

unauthorised direct meddling.

This spell will not detect Immortals in Spirit form, nor will it detect

Immortals in mortal form.