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< *March 12th, 297:*
< Festus Thiccularius and Ottorino Accardi arrives at Silvergate City, the capital of the county of Silvergate. Count Silvestro urges them to end the dwarven threat emanating from the two nearby dwarven towns: Horn Hill and the Butonik Mines. On their way to Horn Hill the two former paladins witness the desolation caused by the dwarven raiders at the nearby village of Fordton which has since been abandoned in favor of the safety of Silvergate City.
< *March 13th, 297:*
< The next day the two wanderers reach Horn Hill where Festus sneaks through a crack in the barracks and quietly kills a sleeping dwarf. Afterwards Otty rejoins Festus and together they fight four feasting dwarves. Festus sneaks into the throne room while Otty stays behind, Festus meets a Tiefling, a subrace of elves who rebelled against the dragonlords when Bahamet died that upon their defeat they were cursed to look like the devils they had aligned with against the dragons, the tiefling convinced Festus to join their noble cause and assassinate Count Silvestro. Ottorino agree with this plan and threatened to go back to Silvergate City, a scuffle broke out but it soon got worse and before long Festus was caving in Otty's chest.
< *March 14th, 297:*


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