Agin Lamarck

Agin Lamarck is a historian and a noble, who dabbles in heraldry and genealogy.

Although he resides in the noble’s quarter of Phlan, he works in a small, dusty shop in Podol Plaza during the day. He deals primarily in the history of PHlan itself, as well as that of its noble houses. But for a small commission, he helps folk write letters and even draft occasional legal documents.

Lamarck is a true noble, pampered and demanding. He is a handsome human male, with long black hair framing a narrow face. He has piercing green eyes that seem to be made especially for looking at people with contempt. He dresses in fine clothes of silk and linen and wears no less than half a dozen gaudy rings on his fingers. One of these rings bears the sigil of the Lords' Alliance, for whom Lamarck sometimes acts as an agent.

Lamarck is a cynical man, and wields sarcasm like a master warrior does a blade: with precision and intent.

Despite Lamarck’s long-standing claim to nobility, he is actually no relation to the historical House Lamarck. In truth, the last surviving members of the Lamarck line died nearly 200 years ago. Agin’s great-great-grandfather made a couple of clever forgeries in “Lords and Lineages of Phlan”, which allowed his family to claim descent from the dead Lamarck line. With no one to contest the claim, there was no doubt as to its legitimacy. This is a closely kept secret of Lamarck, that he is keen to keep from being spread around.