The Audacity was a pirate ship that plied the waters of the Moonsea circa 1430 DR. It was captained by Reeve Sar Testain.

After a particular successful plunder, the Audacity sought refuge at the Fisherfolk Island, seeking to use it as a base of operations. The Audacity’s crew enslaved the villagers of the island, making them serve the pirates.

However, after days of abuse, the villagers, who had long had dealings with infernal powers, made a pact with Tiamat that resulted in the Audacity and its crew being carried away to slavery in the Nine Hells.

In the year 1489 DR, Kiara and others unwittingly broke the pact between the villagers and Tiamat, permitting the Audacity to return to the Prime Material Plane. However, upon its return, Kiara and friends defeated the pirates once and for all, bringing the tale of the Audacity to an end.