Aya Glenmiir

Aya Glenmiir is an Elf Wizard. She resides in one of the buildings on the nicer side of Podol Plaza.

She is a wizard of modest skill, but her true talent lay in her practical understanding of the Weave. Study, however, doesn’t pay particularly well, so she plies a minor trade in tutoring the spoiled offspring of nobles in the basics of arcane spellcasting.

Aya is a female elf, nearly 300 years old. She has long, black hair and radiant green eyes. She has a bit of an ego. She’s well aware of the allure and mystery that her racial heritage evokes, and has no reservations against capitalising on it. She is quick with a coy smile and a twist of the hair if it gets what she wants. Nevertheless, she is quite brillant, especially where the Weave is concerned.


Aya’s shop is home to Rooku, who appears to be a small lemur, which Aya believes to be her familiar. In reality, Rooku is an extradimensional traveller, sent to explore and report upon the Forgotten Realms for his people. He has a genius-level intellect and a small proficiency with magic, but either cannot speak humanoid tongues or chooses not to. He enjoys conversing with Kiara when she uses her ability to speak with animals.

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