Black Fist

The Knights of the Black Fist are the military and police of the City of Phlan, operating under the leadership of their Knight Commander Ector Brahms (who currently serves as Lord Regent of Phlan). Their symbol is a field of green with a black clenched, gauntleted fist.

The Black Fist are charged with maintaining order and discipline in Phlan, a task they are not succeeding at. In the void of the leadership of the Cinnabar Throne, the Knights of the Black Fist have been empowered to act as judge, jury and executioner of the Lord Regent’s will. They dispense justice quickly and harshly and are both feared and reviled by the citizenry of Phlan. The lower ranks of the order are rife with corruption and the acceptance of bribes is common place. While originally arising from the clergy of Bane, the Black Fist severed all formal ties with that church decades ago. They still pay lip service, however.


The headquarters of the Black Fist are located at the Stojanow Gate, and is run by Knight Lieutenant Cron Bolver.

The Black Fist runs a watch house at the Docks. Knight Aleyd Burral commands this area, and the watch house itself is operated by Guard Sergeant Hurn.

The Black Fist keep a garrison of six soldiers on Thorn Island to protect the operation of the lighthouse. This posting is seen as something of a punishment detail. Typically rotations to this posting last three days. The soldiers are quartered in the lower floor of the lighthouse itself.


The Knights originate from the Brothers of the Black Fist, an order of clerical soldiers maintained by the Zhentarim in service to the god Iyachtu Xvim, and later to Bane. By 1375 DR they were commanded by Cvaal Daoran, and they fought under his leadership in the conquest of Phlan by Zhentil Keep. When Cvaal declared himself Lord Protector of Phlan, the Black Fist became his personal bodyguard, secret police, and strike force. Over time they have become a more secular force, with little remaining loyalty to Bane, and today take a more general role in policing the city.