Circle of the Scale

The Circle of the Scale was a sect of druidic dragon worshippers who resided in the Temple of the Scale in the foothills of the Dragonspine Mountains.

The Circle was led by Skovac, a self-titled Scalebinder, who claimed that he could subvert the will of dragons with nothing but his voice using a powerful relic, which legend held to be a scale from Tiamat herself.

Using magic and the labors of [[kobold?|kobolds]] from the local area, they excavated a subterranean complex deep within the mountains in a plot to lure a dragon within and enslave it. The dragons of the region, however, would not be so easily subjugated.

Using a large hosts of orcs and kobolds, a red dragon called Scorlworyx, “The Scorching Wind”, attacked the Temple of the Scale and destroyed the sect within. Skovac sealed himself inside along with teh relic, both of which have remained within the ruins to this day.


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