Claugiyliamatar (pronounced CLOG-ee-lee-uh-MAT-ar) is an ancient green dragon who laired in Kryptgarden Forest near Waterdeep.

She is known as “Old Gnawbones” for her habit of flying with a previously killed corpse in her jaws. She is said to have laid waste to the kingdom of Elfrin and eaten entire orc hordes.

During the events of Corruption in Kryptgarden, she was banished from Kryptgarden by King Witchthorn, and last seen flying north. She has vowed vengeance upon the adventurers who invaded her lair and their home city of Phlan.

In The Scroll Thief, the black wyrmling Rythnax revealed that Claugiyliamatar had placed a bounty on Phlan, inviting the interference of local dragons in the city’s affairs.