Cron Bolver

Knight Lieutenant Cron Bolver (pronounced KRONE BOWL-vurr), runs the Black Fist headquarters at Phlan’s Stojanow Gate.

While still young, Knight Lieutenant Bolver is a formidable leader. He is a charismatic half-elf and inspires confidence in his underlings. However, he is used to the trappings of wealth and knows that his position is an excellent means of getting rich.

He is charged with the daily operation of the Black Fist and works from his well-appointed quarters within the Stojanow Gate. Lt Bolver’s brown hair is typically tousled (which adds to his rakish charm), and he is clean shaven. He usually wears a suit of black-enameled chainmail under a black tunic, slashed with silver.

Bolver wields a lot of power in Phlan, and anyone who knows what’s good for them respects that. He gets a lot of pleasure out of his job, and isn’t afraid to take a bribe. He’s got a sharp wit and a sharper tongue.

He is not currently getting along well with Knight Aleyd Burral, and has made combatting the Welcomers a high priority for his underlings.