Cvaal Daoran

Cvaal Daoran was a Zhentarim who ascended to rulership of Phlan. His birth and death dates are unknown but he is an adult by 1358 DR and his date of death lies between 1383 and 1456 DR.

Prior to the Time of Troubles, Cvaal rose to the rank of Hatemaster, and gained command of the Brothers of the Black Fist, quartered at the Citadel of the Raven. He gave his service to the god Iyachtu Xvim, and later to Bane after Bane’s return from death.

In 1375 he led the Zhentarim conquest of Phlan, and by 1380 had dissolved the Council of Ten and installed himself as Lord Protector of Phlan, a new position of hereditary monarchy, using the Black Fist as his secret police and bodyguard.

He was instrumental in starting the [[Shadowbane_War?]], which led to the destruction of [[Zhentil_Keep?]], but he brokered an agreement with the Fey of the Quivering Forest that protected Phlan. His rule, initially tyrannical, was said to have softened after this point and he became a well-regarded leader.

He was succeeded by his son Talaric and his godson [[Anivar_Daoraan?|Anivar]], until his line came to an end with Anivar’s death in 1488 DR.

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