Cyric is the Faerunian God of Madness and Deception, also known as the Prince of Lies and the Dark Sun.

The worship of Cyric derives directly from the story of his ascension to godhood. Cyric was a mortal during the Time of Troubles and the key to how that chaotic period resolved, but he was also a selfish traitor and a murderer. When he became a god, Cyric continued to work various plots of deceit and murder - the most famous of which is that, according to legend, Cyric murdered [[Mystra?]] and thus caused the Spellplague over a century ago.

Those who don’t worship Cyric see him as a god of madness, strife and deceit, although his priests consider such claims to be heresy. Their Prince of Lies isn’t a twisted madman, but a god of dark majesty who proves that, ultimately, all bonds between folk corrupt and wither away.

Cyric’s church works openly in Amn, where the citizens espouse the principles of ambition, self-reliance, and “buyer beware”. Those who take Cyric as their patron tend to be sadists, con artists, power-mad connivers, and worse. Other folk pray to Cyric when they want to do wrong but don’t want others to find out about it.

“The Dark Sun”, originally one of Cyric’s epithets, has become a metaphor for strif in the Realms. “A Dark Sun has risen o’er this court” might be spoken as a warning that intrigues and infighting have gotten out of hand in a noble household; and married couples know to seek advice from others if “a Dark Sun shines through the window” in their relationship.

In Phlan

There are no formal temples to Cyric in Phlan, but his worshippers can be found wherever civilization descends into strife and conflict. His influence is always closer than you could have imagined…

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