Darvag, Shandra and Rorin

Darvag, Shandra and Rorin are human servants in the employ of House Sokol on Thorn Island. They live in the servants’ quarters of the Sokol Manor, look after House Sokol’s holdings on the island, and tend to any members of the Sokol family resident on the island (currently none). Following the death of Igan Sokol, House Sokol has also entrusted them with maintaining the lighthouse on the island. All three generally distrust strangers, although Rorin somewhat less so.


Darvag (a male human), husband of Shandra, is in charge of upkeep of the structures and grounds of Thorn Island.


Shandra (a female human), wife of Darvag, is primarily responsible for ensuring the interior of the keep is clean and meals prepared.


Rorin (a male human), son of Darvag and Shandra, has taken responsibility for running the lighthouse since Igan’s death.