Dragons are magical flying lizards.

The most common ten kinds of dragon are divided into chromatic dragons, who are generally evil, and metallic dragons, who are generally good.

Chromatic dragons

Chromatic dragons are highly magical. Their presence distorts nature in the vicinity of their lair, warping the natural environment to reflect the dragon’s own nature. The lair of a green dragon, for example, might corrupt plants in the nearby area, cause the growth of thorny vines, and drive nature-attuned creatures mad.

The five most common chromatic dragons are red (fire), white (frost), blue (lightning), black (acid) and green (poison).

The god of chromatic dragons is Tiamat, the Dark Queen.

Metallic dragons

Metallic dragons are somewhat rarer than chromatic dragons, or at least have less interaction with civilisation.

The five most common metallic dragons are gold (fire), silver (frost), bronze (lightning), copper (acid) and brass (fire).

The god of metallic dragons is Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon.


When a dragon willingly exposes itself to the necromantic processes of the Cult of the Dragon, it can be transformed into a dracolich, a deathless skeletal dragon possessed of nigh-immortality and advanced spellcasting powers.