Elisande is an orphan girl, originally from the Fisherfolk Island.

She is 12 years old. When she was nine, her parents died of disease. She is fascinated by the outside world and by the idea of “adventuring”.

Upon the conclusion of the Shadows Over The Moonsea incident, Kiara allowed Elisande to return to Phlan with the party.

Currently, Elisande lives with Kiara in Gnometown.

Shoji has been teaching Elisande to read, and to fight with the quarterstaff.

Daralyn has been teaching Elisande to play the fiddle, and the necessity of picking your battles.

Qelfras has been teaching Elisande the importance of respecting lawful authority, but only where you have a personal connection to it.

Kiara has taught Elisande the necessity of choosing the lesser of two evils.