Ellison Berenger was a member of the chromatic schism of the Cult of the Dragon who came to Phlan posing as a scribe to steal information about the Pool of Radiance.

He was accompanied on his mission by Spernik and Tibeem. He was to report his success, and return any information he found, to the black wyrmling Rythnax.

He stole several books from locations in Podol Plaza, and then fled the city, murdering a librarian from Mantor's Library (Garda Greenleaf) in the process. He made his way to Rythnax’s lair, but was then caught by the Moonsea Rangers, who killed Rythnax and captured Ellison alive. He was subsequently turned over to the Black Fist. He is now awaiting trial in the Stojanow Gate. He appears to be disillusioned with the Cult and grateful to the players for sparing his life.

He was raised believing that he was related to the noble House Berenger that once resided in Phlan but, following his theft of a book on noble lineages from Agin Lamarck, he has learned that he is not. He claims to have had modest success as a poet in his early life.