“Fey” is a name given generically to any of a large number of creatures native to the [[Feywild?]], the plane of nature, glamour and deception that lies adjacent to our own.

However, it most specifically describes the rulers of that place, ancient nigh-immortal beings of immense power who regard the beings of our world with amusement and disdain.

Fey may be described as seelie (largely benign, though still immensely dangerous) or unseelie (malevolent and destructive). Either way, they can be cruel, heartless, fickle, and quick to anger. They have a love of games, riddles, bets and bargains, and can bestow enormous boons on those who amuse them in these ways - and immense torment on those who bargain unwisely.

Fey are often constrained in their actions by rules, conditions, and obsessions that may not be clear to mortals who they deal with. These restrictions, if known, provide the only real advantage a mortal has in dealing with a fey.

Fey may from time to time stake out a part of our world for their domain. These areas will inevitably be areas of magic and/or wild nature. They will often be areas where the barrier to the Feywild is thin; if not, the presence of Fey will in any case slowly weaken that barrier. Within their domain, Fey slowly influence the natural world, causing the weather, plant and animal life to reflect their aspects and moods.

Notable Fey

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