Fisherfolk Island

The Fisherfolk Island does not really have a name; it is referred to in this document as “Fisherfolk Island” for disambiguation reasons only.

It is a small forested isle in the Stormy Bay on the Moonsea that has been home to generations of fisher folk. A strange sort that seldom mixed with teh outside world, its people ahve grown more and more inbred and impoverished. The island is too small to be of interest to the neighbouring city states, and at the centre of too much brutal weather to be of use to most ships.

The island survives primarily by fishing, growing beets, beans, cabbage and onions, husbanding a few goats, and for a treat, gathering wild raspberries adn bitter walnuts. Sometimes the sea provides things that wash up on the shroes of the island.

There are arond 37 villagers on the island, 12 of which are children.


The village has existed on the small island for generations, since before the times of the Spellplague, and all that time, the same families have lived there, intermingling such that it is hard to tell one line from another. The villagers turned away from the worship of the gods, and instead offered their prayers to fiends from the Nine Hells.

About 60 years ago, the crew of the Audacity, a pirate vessel, used the island as a hiding place from authorities. Anchoring off the shore of the island and coming ashore, the buccaneers subdued the village and made it their own, turning the inhabitants into slaves.

Little did the pirates know that the fisher folk were not as powerless as they first appeared, for they had truck infernal powers, having worshiped them in secret for decades. After days of abuse, the citizens of the village enacted foul rituals to call upon devils subservient to Tiamat. They traded their worship and souls, along with the gold and gems on the pirate ship, to the devils. In exchange, the devils carried the pirates into infernal slavery, just as the pirates had made slaves of the fisher folk. And so it was that the Audacity and its crew left this world for bondage in the Nine Hells.

Recently, in 1489, Qelfras, Pieta, Daralyn, Shoji and Kiara visited the island and unwittingly broke the pact between the villagers and Tiamat. The Audacity was released from its infernal prison and returned to the island, in time to become embroiled with agents of the Cult of the Dragon. Shoji and friends defeated both Cult and pirates, ending the scourge of the Audacity.


The only features of note on the island are the small ramshackle village where the Fisherfolk live, and an area of dark forest, at the heart of which is a cave holding an altar to Tiamat.


The inhabitants of the Fisherfolk Island include:

Elisande, an orphan girl, was previously a resident on the island, before leaving with Kiara. Sir Geran Kelt has established a small mission on the island on behalf of the priesthood of Kelemvor.