Geran Kelt

Geran Kelt is second-in-command of the Temple of Kelemvor in Phlan.

A paladin and member of the Eternal Order of Renown, Sir Geran is wholly devoted to the teachings of Kelemvor, but stands in stark contrast to the taciturn demeanour of his colleagues. When not in the graveyard (which is more often than not), he can be found at one of the many inns in Phlan, drinking boisteriously and telling stories.

He is a tall and oafish man; clean shaven with short and wiry black hair. The thumb on his shield hand was bitten off by an ogre; a story that he is more than happy to share over a pint, although teh size of the ogre changes depending on how many drinks he’s had.

Following the events of Shadows Over The Moonsea, the party convinced Doomguide Yovir Glandon to send Geran on a missionary expedition to the Fisherfolk Island, and he is currently away from Phlan as a result.